Lesson at St.Winnifred’s – CALSTAR

24 Nov

2MF/4f; time 27 minutes

An oldie by any standard, late 1970’s or mid 1980’s, at a time when British CP films seemed to be handled among CALSTAR,  ROUE,  and BLUSHES, affiliates, partners. One of our first CP films–it certainly floated our boat at the time.

The simple film is in three parts. The first is “The Athlete’s Lesson.” At a gathering of students and faculty–seven people will be on the set at once, Head Prefect ‘Norton’ announces, and tries to be stern about it, that a series of punishments will be meted out for various infractions. The girls sit as witness, and the ‘Headmaster’ and ‘Colonel Forbes’ preside. The girls wear pinafores, ties, and blouses.

Prefect Norton will punish brunette ‘Blisset’ first. “Remove your shorts, right down to your knees.” Norton spanks hard OTK, turning Blisset red immediately. Forbes and the Headmaster watch intently, even though they should not be able to see much from where they sit. Their leering is entertaining. Blisset gets up, choking tear and reaches for her panties. “I didn’t say you could pull up your….you may pull them up now.” Somehow, the bad acting in this film adds sufficient amateurism to increase the eroticism.

Norton will spank ‘Meadows’ next, a cute curly-haired blonde. OTK, Norton bunches her leotard to access bare skin. She must remain in the middle of the room, because the Headmaster will cane her, “you saucy little trollop.” He whips her 12 times, she puts up a legitimate squawk, and if he isn’t loving this we were fooled.

‘The Six Former’ (the segments are introduced by a girl with her regulation knickers at her knees, misspelling the title on a blackboard and getting a smack.) Norton: “Lovett and Green, please stand up.” Lovett, a curly blonde, bends over a chair. North takes down her knickers to display a compact, athletic bottom. Twelve strokes from a large tawse; pieces of padding applied to lessen the sting fleck off.

“The Head Girl’s Lesson”: “Deputy Head Slocum” was seen cavorting in the bushes with boys, “like a barnyard hussy.” She hangs her head and mutters excuses. Colonel Forbes himself will administer the slipper. Slocum hollers up a storm; the hem of her pinafore partially covers her buttocks.

After this punishment is concluded, it is time for the other girl in the bushes, Norton herself. The Headmaster announces: “I order brazen Norton to be strapped….thoroughly…see the Colonel.”
She kneels on a chair, the Colonel pulls her knickers down to her thighs for the tawse. We watch the tawsing from the oblique, but are treated to full-bottom closeups later.

Norton screams out the count of twelve. We have never seen this tall, thin, sophisticated brunette actress before, or, in fact, since. “Get off that chair….pull your panties up.” We are not finished. the Headmaster himself is going to cane Slocum. The blonde pulls her knickers down and bends over a table, which the Headmaster is pleased to say is “spot on.” Slocum counts out a painful 18. At one point the spanking Headmaster must have received a cue from her. “Yes, yes, is it too much?” The Headmaster uses a thin whippy cane and slices down with vicious strokes from several angles.

Two film of this era are previewed and are highly recommended for the same reasons we liked this film. ‘Half-Term Punishments’ and ‘Sally’s First Lesson.’

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