Double Jointed – REDSTRIPE

25 Nov

M/2f; year: 1999; time: 48 minutes

Two school girls are caught rolling marijuana joints and are ordered to report to the headmaster the next morning. They know what that means. “Oh boy, it’s going to be potty time.”

‘Ivor Gold’ plays the headmaster, in his fully appointed office. “You two again!” The girls have no privileges left to suspend and there is little left except the ultimate. The girls know it–they want to go to lunch.

Gold takes blond ‘Sarah’ OTK first. spanks hard, takes her knickers down, and smacks her thighs when she reaches back to cover. Brunette ‘Jane’ has to sit on a dunce stool, her knickers down, so her buttocks are in the shot. Because she laughs, Jane must write her name on the blackboard and “16 extra strokes of the cane.” She adds Sarah’s name–12 extras for wiggling. Sarah gets a long strapping bent over a chair.

Jane’s turn OTK, her knickers are already down from the dunce stool. Sarah takes her place on the stool. Jane gets the strap–she has a tattoo on her left buttock.

Gold will now cane the girls. Sarah first, about 15 strokes, then her extras, twenty more, counted aloud. No way to fake repeats. Jane next–she gets her 12 or 13, then a full 30 extras. A long caning for REDSTRIPE. the girls collect their panties and run off.

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