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A Lesson From Vanna – NUWEST

30 Dec

F/3f; time: 18 minutes

Along in model ‘Vanna’s’ career; she has moved from the look of a high school girl arriving at the NuWest studios to an intimidating dominatrix, who answered Ed Lee’s call to move to the Top side of the business. Three ladies will receive ‘lessons’ on the bare NW soundstage.

A naked blonde is strapped down straddled on the tilted horse/trestle, her bottom exposed at its one end, and of course her thighs spread by its girth. This girl is big enough to rock the horse. Vanna, wearing conservative black slacks and black top, whips her in a six minute session. No dialogue, just threatening comments from Vanna, backed up with action.

Another naked blonde, not so statuesque as to threaten the stability of the horse, gets her six-minute whipping. Vanna wears a conventional dress. she can go to the mall when she finishes here.

A big tattooed brunette is third, slid a bit forward on the horse so that her buttocks are not quite as accessible. Vanna in a black dress. Lee mostly avoided the silly B&D getups.

Real Estate Pain – CALSTAR

30 Dec

M/f; year: 2011; time: 59 minutes

Nothing like giving your real estate agent a good spanking, just because you can, and when she wants the deal! Our favorite so far on this plot line is CALSTAR’s ‘A View to a Caning,” where a wealthy couple spank their very comely agent right on the premises for misrepresentations, room by room. And the wife gets spanked.

In this American production, a manipulative guy manages to trick two girls, one at a time, working for the same agency, into selling him a little shack-like house in the scrub brush. He arranges to extract a spanking out of each of them to seal his interest and obtain a signed contract.

‘D.P’ meets the first girl at the house. She is a very pretty brunette who probably found more work in cinema. D.P. gets his tour, and he’ll sign the contract, but he wants to spank her, “a little bit at a time.” He pulls up her skirt to have a look. “Excuse me!…you’ll sign the papers?” He takes her OTK in an exterior scene on one of those cheap discount store platic benches, a perfect emblem of the low-budget, except that this actress’s bottom rivals her face in charm. “You’ve got a nice ass…who is more perverted, you or me?” He gets her thong down as she kicks, but she wants this deal.

He marches her inside (where the filming is not contaminated by noises), driving her by a handful of her hair. She is supposed to keep her skirt up so we can see her bottom as she walks, hobbled by her panties, but she can’t quite manage it and they don’t retake the scene. He goes to his car to get his spanking implements.

The real estate agent kneels on a settee for the spanking to continue. “Still nice and red.” An acrylic yardstick; D.P. kneads and spreads her buttocks. “Umm, good meat.” He has her spank herself with a hairbrush (lame!) while he gets the contract.

Some mild American-like caning, then the diaper position for more cane, kitchen spoon, handspanking. She has to hold the spoon in her mouth. Embarrassing, but worth the commission. She dresses and leaves, putting her panties in her briefcase. They will meet tomorrow.

D.P. sets up on the stoop for the next agent. Another pretty brunette agent arrives, they tour, he makes his deal. “I’ve been checking out the features…particularly your ass.” Same spanking routine on the bench; he crams her panties into her mouth, and this actress keeps her bottom fully in view as she navigates the stepping stones to the house, wobbling on heels.

She shows D.P. the kitchen, self-confident even without any pants on. She gets the same spanking series. When D.P. leaves, he laughs.

Dissolve to the two girls on cell phones. They discover that they have each sold the house to D.P. “Is your ass as sore as mine?” “Yes, it is.”

Hard Spank For Bad Girls – SPANK-IT

23 Dec

FM/2f; time: 42 minutes

An odd film, probably Internet only, amateur feel. No dialogue–only gasps and grunts, an international language.

A cute brunette is burning something on the stove and a greasy tattooed guy comes in (is he the landlord?). We’ve seen other videos where careless girls get spanked for kitchen nightmares. He takes her OTK for a long spanking session, working her shorts and thong/panties down. He uses a variety of handy implements–wood stirrer, wood spoon, frying pan, cutting board, spatula, and flip-flop. He plays with her thong strap with a large kitchen fork. Not a hard spanking, but long enough for matters to aggregate.

Over the sink, he helps her remove her top so she is naked. As the scene concludes, we see her laughing.

A separate scene in this same kitchen. there is more than one bad girl living here. A third girl will spank a fully-tanned short-haired brunette. Same lengthy spanking with handy kitchen tools. A full tan!

Head Girl’s Mistake – REDSTRIPE

23 Dec

MF/2f; year: 1999; time: 52 minutes

A convention schoolgirl CP drama from producer ‘Ivor Gold,’ entertaining as always; somehow, ‘Head Girls,’ despite their rank, always seem to lose their pants before these films conclude.

The video opens with Head Girl ‘Jane’ already spanking underclassman ‘Deborah,’ “just like Mr. Gray punishes me.” Deborah (the blond actress’Elena,’) is bent over, in a classroom, taking a handspanking. Jane takes her panties down.

‘Mr. Gray’ bursts in. “What is going on here?” Jane explains that Deborah has been stealing. Gray is an older actor of the ‘seemly gentleman’ type. You wonder where the CP film industry got these guys. Our theory has always been the male actors PAID to get these parts. Gray will continue Deborah’s spanking. Jane gets out the punishment log. Her name will be added soon. Gray decides he wants Jane to stand in the corner.

Gray concentrates on Deborah, smoky blonde ‘Elena,’ an entertaining and knowledgeable CP actress. She bends over the back of straight chair for a paddle on the bare. Jane smiles at her predicament. Over the desk for a leather strap. Now the cane. “I’m going to give you 18 strokes of the cane.” There are occasional film dissolves/segues. Was Elena asking for breaks? Deborah counts aloud, rubbing at 12. Jane reminds from the corner, the count was to be 18. When Deborah misses a stroke (most girls try to add a hopeful phantom stroke), she gets 7 more for miscounting and arguing.

Deborah is sent to the corner; Jane tucks up her school skirt so her bottom will be visible. Jane is scolded–she had no authority to spank. The long-haired thin brunette objects loudly–never recommended. Over the desk, white panties–we go right to the paddle. “I’m going to dispense with the spanking.” Panties down. “Not the knickers, sir.”

After Gray uses two paddles, he allows Deborah to get in some licks, which she does with gusto. Jane must count aloud, with sardonic bitterness–being spanked by an underclassman. Gray steps in with a strap–some pussy glimpses, the only ones.

“For you, the senior cane.” He has Jane step back, spread her legs, tightening her panties across her knees, and bend forward. “Count these for me, there will be 24.” Deborah enjoys the sight. 24 hard strokes–“Thank you, sir.” And full another 18 (!) for talking back.

The girls are scolded and allowed to rub. Jane still complains, so she gets three more of the cane before they are sent off.

Double Fault – CALSTAR

23 Dec

F/f; time: 22 minutes

A number of CP films make reference to female tennis players; it would be a British thing–short white dresses, frilly panties. The magazine JANUS claimed to have published photos of the bare bottoms of anonymous tennis players for a few issues. We loved it. And, of course, running and dancing do nice things to the thighs and buttocks. This film was also called ‘Escort Service.’

In the small paneled space CALSTAR used, female booking agent ‘Jo’ arranges for her employee tennis players to meet clients around the world, for, we presume, tennis lessons. A friend calls her, it is “Jimmy Connors”: ‘Billie Jean’ has been giving “lessons” off the books, for cash. Jo tells ‘Connors’ on the phone: “I’ll have to give her a spanking like I did you that time.”

Jo summons Billie Jean–CALSTAR made an effort to have her look a bit like Billie Jean King. The American actress has stringy reddish hair and the familiar wire glasses. Billie admits she took cash in Paris. “You can’t do cash jobs.” Jo explains to Billie how she spanked Jimmy Connors for the same rogue hehavior. We applaud CALSTAR for even this half-hearted whimsy.

“You’re not going to spank me, are you?” “Are you worth it?” “Yes.” Jo takes her OTK; she is wearing non-regulation transparent black net panties. “Did you really do this to Jimmy Connors?”

Jo works the panties down slowly; this is more than a punishment spanking. “A nice red ass. That’s what I like to see.” Jo comments on a large tramp stamp tattoo. “I hope you didn’t show any of my clients this.”

Billie struggles to hold position. “You’re supposed to be an athlete….seems like you are enjoying this..time for a little variation.” Jo directs Billie over the desk and proceeds with black paddle. “Perhaps you’ll inform me how my backhand and forehand are going with you.” Jo alternates buttocks, and hard. “Good…good. super,” gasps Billie desperately.

“I’m just warming up,” says Jo, and she switches to the floppy strap. “Now…a little treat…when I was a nighty girl, I was taken to the headmaster’s office…taken over his knee. I bloody loved it!” The treat is the cane, and Jo is as excited as Billie is.

About eight hard strokes, Billie goes quiet, Jo pauses to finger the marks. Sniffles and gasps. “I’ve got to go back to America, to Flushing Meadows, in one piece Miss, please.” Jo admires the stripes. “I hope you have learned a lesson.”

Jo confronts her.

Jodi’s Climactic Spanking – NUWEST

19 Dec

M/f; time: 23 minutes

Ed Lee again at work in the tiled studio; he leads actress ‘Jodi Cline’ out of the wired cage in the tiled studio. She is strung up, standing over the shadow box at her feet containing the camera to shoot up between her legs. She has removed her black shorts and wears only a black top.

Lee spanks and frigs Jodi for the full 23 minutes. The floor camera is working the whole time, not always the case in this series. Lee works her with two hands as hard as he can.

Disciplined Housewives – CALSTAR

18 Dec

M/2f; time: 54 minutes

These American BJ Frazier CALSTAR films usually limp along for us. This one isn’t so bad. It must be all about how much spanking the model is willing to take. ‘Sir Nik’ is again in his therapist role here, on hire to spank naughty housewives at the request of their husbands.

In the first segment, a sturdy and sexy long-haired curly blonde arrives at Nik’s offices. She has been caught cheating on her husband. “You’ve been counseled before?” Nothing seems to work. Nik reminds her what she already knows, “This is not typical counseling…more disciplinary…corporal-type punishment.” She mentions she needs “purging,” which Nik likes, although there won’t be an enema today. She wants to stay married–her husband is older and wealthy. She pay this therapy price.

“Remove your dress…you don’t wear a bra?” The blonde strips down to satin panties, garter belt, and stockings. As is so many CP films, the tag still shows on what must be new panties. Nik begins a long spanking sequence with implements he has laid out for her to anticipate.

She bends over a table, he bunches her panties; Handspanking; a nasty hard wood paddle about half-fraternity size; a strap; a long-handled lollypop paddle which looks effective; hairbrush; tawse; big frying pan-sized thin paddle, and at last the cane. Bare bottom along the way. Her bottom and thighs are speckled, striped, bruised, and swollen, and she is quivering. “No more opening your legs for strange men.”

Nik’s second client today is a brunette, visiting for the FIFTH time for what he calls a “touch-up.” Before the woman comes in, NIK is on the phone with HIS extra-marital lover. He had been watch his own ass. The brunette goes through the same drill as the blonde, except that she seems to be enjoying it.

Nik will conclude the punishment in a more unconventional style. He uses a bundle of thick birches or twigs, which elicits more than one “Fuck!” from the girl. And then a first for us, reviewing almost 1800 films on this site–Nik fills her panties with nettles, makes her pull them on, the spanks the panties with his hard wood paddle, crushing the nettles. The scene is short, suggesting it might have been more uncomfortable than they expected.

Jacque and Michelle Whipped and Caned – NUWEST FCV-113

18 Dec

MF/2f; time: 16 minutes

Actresses ‘Jacque’ and ‘Michelle’ are strung up on the darkened lanai at the NuWest studio. Both girls are naked to the waist, and are strong in the boob department, as you would expect at NuWest.

Ed Lee walks onto the darkened set with his long whip. Without much dialogue he will whip both girls for the next 10 minutes or so. Standard stuff if you are a NuWest devotee like we are. He stays high on the backs and shoulders, an area of least danger, as he has explained in tutorials.

The second section moves to more exciting stuff. Michelle will cane Jacque. Michelle is topless. He instructs her to pull Jacque’s skirt and then her satin panties, so that she is naked in her special Barbie-like way.

Lee will prompt Michelle to walk in circles and stop and lay on cane strokes, over 40 in all, with probably some repeats in the last flurry of 27 continuous strokes. Welts, some blood flecks, and an excellent closeup of Jacque’s well-punished bottom.

Red Rolls Royce 1 – REDSTRIPE

18 Dec

MF/2f; year: 1999 time: 37 minutes

The red Rolls Royce pulls onto the gravel drive in front of the mansion. The manor lord, ‘Sir Robert,’ angrily pulls his female driver ‘Matthews’ out of the driver’s seat. She committed some unforgivable errors of judgment behind the wheel in the presence Sir Robert and the madam.

Out in the driveway, in broad daylight, the madam says: “You know what is going to happen to you….get your skirt off!” “But the gardener will see me.” “I don’t care. Get it off.” The madam smacks Matthews’ exposed, thonged bottom as she chases her across a veranda we have seen in other REDSTRIPE productions into the house. Matthews is a short-haired blonde, with glasses, and a compact figure which shows promise.

The scene is a beamed, cozy book-lined sitting room. After the madam scolds Matthews for a bit, she is taken OTK full-length on a couch. The madam smacks her bottom and thighs hard enough to elicit little gasps. The madam pulls her thong down, not that it matters. Matthews complains that she sees the gardener watching the spanking through a window, which doesn’t seem to bother thelady.

Matthews gets up and kneels on a stool, keeping her front covered with her long blouse. The tawse comes next, and this is some of the hardest spanking we have seen from REDSTRIPE. Matthews has to bend over the stool now, for 50 more from the tawse. Gasps and erotic shots from below.

The madam swooshes the cane. “Not the cane, madam.” She knows what it is. 35 hard strokes are shown. It got dark outside since we last saw the face of the gardener in the window. They must have taken a break. A long caning; tears. “Get your hands down.” Sir Robert is seen watching from the edge of the room. Oblique shots of Matthews’ bottom show white lines, welts, and blood flecks.

The madam is finished and sends Matthews to her room. But Sir Robert is not satisfied that the spanking was severe enough, so he will demonstrate on her. “That’s not fair.” But it is British, is it not? Madam goes OTK, skirt up. “Get those knickers down.” Black undies–panties, bra, and garter belt. She is familiar with all of this. The madam is an older matronly brunette, plausible as the lady of the manor.

The madam kneels on the same stool for the strap, then bends over it for more. “Back arched!” We notice this actress develops a chafing between her buttocks as they are agitated by the spanking.

“You know what part of the punishment comes next….fetch the cane.” She bends over-two strokes; touches the floor (to her displeasure) for 6 more; a break to rub then hands-on-sofa for 6 more. Welts, bruises, some blood flecks. “Spread your legs, place your hands on the carpet. She moans objection and takes 8 more, faster and very hard. We’re still no finished. 8 more hands on couch.

The madam is finished for now. Sir Robert promises to show her bottom to the servants if she doesn’t behave, and the next time the room will be filled with an audience. The madam rubs when she stands, which earns her one last stroke.

Room At The Bottom – KANE

17 Dec

M/3f; time: 51 minutes

An old ‘Kane’ film, distributed by and carried in the CALSTAR catalogue. If pubic hair is the measure of history, this is probably late 1970’s.

A grubby couple, ‘Jim’ and his wife sit at the breakfast table, grousing about money, sex, job opportunities, and the absence of lodgers they seek. It seems the couple met while working at ‘Lord Appleby’s’ estate, where CP was practiced on the staff and among the staff. Jim developed a taste for it.

His wife angers him, intentionally. “You’re going to get a good spanking. You know you love it.” Also, it seems this is the only way Jim can get an erection. The wife is sent to the bedroom, where she strips down to panties, garter belt and stockings.

In a cut to a new exterior scene, 2 girls walk along with the classified ads looking for an address. A stranger they stop for directions is ‘George Harrison Marks.’

Back to the domestic scene, Jim enters and begins to seduce his wife in a soft-porn nudie interlude KANE liked so much in this era, including some playful OTK spanking and a martinet. Lots of pubic thatch in this scene.

The doorbell rings, Jim admits the two girls, and he must see the potential, because the story cuts to the kitchen table, where the girls, in their nighties, help themselves to the food and are not up with the rent. “What can we do?” the girls ask Jim’s wife. She suggests he “likes to play games,” and explains the CP fetish from the Appleby days–“smacking games,” she calls them.

Dissolve to one of the girls, brunette ‘Jackie,’ already into game playing with Jim. she doesn’t have 20 pounds. She takes off her dress, down to black undies, then bra and panties off, another big thatch of pubic hair, kneel on a chair in just garter belt and stockings. “Get your ass up in the air.” Martinet.

Dissolve: the saucy blonde roommate returns, having failed to get an audition. The wife, who knows she will benefit from any ardor Jim develops, escorts her to observe the conclusion of Jackie’s spanking. The blonde now strips naked and gets the same punishment, the wife holding her still.

Jim now grabs his wife, who seems to have sided with the girls, and spanks her. The blonde suddenly comes up with 50 pounds, pays off Jim, and the girls will leave. They invite the wife to pack and leave with them, which she does.