1 Dec

F/2f; year: 2006; time: 53 minutes

Female roommates and spanking; two girls, actresses ‘Sarah Harvey Lewis’ and ‘Sam Johnson,’ are excited about a party they are going to. The third girl, the dominant one, wearing a British traffic warden’s uniform, brings two similar uniforms into the room for the girls to wear to the party.

In the next scene, we hear the audio of a police radio broadcast–two uniformed female imposters have been accosting motorists for money. The senior girl, we’ll call her the ‘Warden,’ controls the rent in their arrangement, and, we will see, she controls other things as well. “So it was you two, was it?…I could lose my job over this and I don’t even get a ‘sorry’ from you.” She’ll throw these two roommates out of the apartment. How else can they learn a lesson?

The Warden: “I think a good hard handspanking might do the trick.” The girls confer and quickly agree. “We’ll accept the spanking if we can stay.”

The Warden begins with short OTK sessions for both Sarah and Sam. Their little police caps survive the spanking–after all, this is a uniform-fetish film. The Warden takes Sarah’s black lace panties down; no need for Sam, who wears a thong.

Both girls kneel on a couch, their hems pulled up. The Warden fondles their bottoms and adds some hand spanks.

“That was just the warm up.” Both girls get more OTK and everyone is rubbing everyone else. The Warden gets out her paddle and martinet. Both girls will be spanked with these, after they strip down to just bras. The Warden has the girls spank each other.

Time for the cane. Sarah goes over a stool for “your first six,” moderate taps. Six for Sam. then six more for each girl. “All done. I want my rent by Monday.”

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