Jessica’s Sore Bottom – NUWEST NWV-301

3 Dec

M/f; time: 30 minutes

Early NUWEST; founder ‘Ed Lee’ narrates the film. He is young and lean here, in an era where he wore polo shirts in many films. Catalogue #301. Lee explains something we have noted in a number of films. This is Southern California. Airplane noises are difficult to avoid–some studios, he says, film at 4 or 5 AM to minimize them.

He is going to give us a spanking tutorial. Actress ‘Jessica’ will assume three positions Lee recommends to the amateur spanker.

First in the standard OTK posture. Lee recommends drawing out the drama wherever possible. Have the spankee offer her bottom to you. “Have them present their bottoms for spanking.”

FADE to Jessica, a tall brunette, conventionally attired in street clothes–a pink dress. He adjusts her into the correctly balanced OTK position and begins a slow spanking on her skirt. She kicks her feet and gasps. He rubs and gently humiliates her. “Get to know their bottoms.” Hem of skirt up, white satin panties and pantyhose soon down. A lot of public hair curing through in this early film. To the corner, red bottom.

In Jessica’s second scene, she is bent over the back of an arm chair, which back is high enough to keep her bottom elevated at waist-height for the spanker, Mr. Lee. Jessica wears a summery purple top and shorts, and knee socks. After some spanks, Lee takes undisguised pleasure in pulling down her shorts and pink panties to his preferred position at her knees. “Spank her thighs if she squirms too much.”

The third position is a staple in all of CP. Jessica will lie on a bed, pillow under her hips, for the strap. She wears a white slip and hangs her head in shame. Slip off–bra, panty/girdle, garter belt, nylons. Jessica strips to just panties. A brief look at very nice boobs. Last, she takes off her panties and garter belt and is naked.

Over pillows on the bed, Lee holds her still with one hand and slashes quite hard with the strap with the other. She cries and gasps, muffled into a pillow. After some preliminaries, she counts out 50 more strokes. Lee is having a lot of fun. At the conclusion he fondles and comforts her. “I can’t do on camera what you would do now at home…this is the 1980’s.” In fact, later at NUWEST he did consummate some of these scenes.

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