Punishment PT – CALSTAR

5 Dec

M/2f; time: 55 minutes

A surprise for us, from the forgotten archives of CALSTAR. Not the most impressive spankings, but if you share our interest in naked punishment PT, and the use of some exercise equipment, you will be entertained.

Brunettes ‘Fawcett’ and ‘Johnson’ have been ordered to see ‘Mr. Adams,’ who apparently has the enviable job of meting our corporal punishment at this (girls’) school. The girls fidget outside his office, the delay eating into their lunch hour. They giggle and gossip, pretending not to know what is going to happen to them. The girls sort of fancy Adams and wonder if he will “spank us on our bare bottoms…he might take our knickers down.” the girls imagine what it will be like to be bare across his knees.

Adams comes out of his office; as was frequent in the 1970’s-1980’s era, his face will never be shown in the video, but we recognize the high-pitch of ‘Christian Fennington’s’ voice. He reads the letter they have brought from the headmistress–they have been caught in the village. “Severe punishment” is called for this time.

Adams must be the gym instructor. The girls, fully dressed for now in blouses, ties, skirts, and knee socks, begin the PT–star jumps, waist twists, touch-toes. Adams begins addressing the punishment. To Fawcett–“Lift up your skirt.” She wears regulation dark blue knickers. After some handspanks, Johnson lifts her skirt for the same.

Adams announces. “It is time for some over-the-knee spanking.” Fawcett goes over first. Adams tells her, “This is going to be a salutary experience for you.” (After all, this is a private school, we know!) The actress giggles as her knickers come down, mostly at Adams’ acting. Fawcett stands at the wall, skirt up, knickers down, while Johnson gets the same spanking. “Stop whinging.” A long contemplation of the two bare bottoms. This film is not so much about the discipline as the increasing humiliation of the two girls, who are actually hiding their excitement.

Adams takes the girls into an adjoining exercise room. He brings his cane. Both girls bend over a table, he flips up their skirts, and lays 3 strokes on each knickered bottom. No harm. He then pulls down each girl’s panties, having the time of his life. (Not really-this actor has pulled down many a set of drawers). Three more on the bare for each girl.

The fun increases. Johnson is ordered to “strip off.” Skirt off, blouse off (no bra), panties gone, she shows a full growth of pubic hair without embarrassment. “Humiliation is the keynote of the day.” Adams leads her to a PT bicycle, where the camera zooms on her bottom as she pedals. Not the best of angles, but nice. She is sent naked to the corner.

To Fawcett. “Strip off, girl.” When she is naked, her time on the bicycle is the best part of the film. Someone took to the trouble to arrange things for a frontal shot of her fuzziness as she pumps away. Quite uncharacteristic of this era of CP film, albeit brief.

The humiliation continues. The girls kneel erect on a massage table for handslaps, then some struggling OTK. No harm again, but lots of pretty flesh.

Another demonic posture, almost worthy of Russian films about 15 years later. The naked girls fully stretch against a tilted knotty pine platform, legs spread, fingers grasping the top edge. Adams smacks their bottoms and delivers just one cane stroke, before they are excused, turn and face us, another leisurely frontal.

the girls retire to a sudsy bath, compare their bottoms, and giggle over the secret pleasure. They parade naked and still a bit wet back in front of Adams, who douses them with talcum powder. The girls rub themselves and dress. Adams calls the headmistress to report the spankings are complete.

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