5 Dec

XEROTICS made or distributed many short, well-made films, which are probably easier to review aggregated in one place. Here are some of what we have intercepted so far; we amend as time goes on.

‘Emily’s Wrong Attitude’ (F/f; time:7 minutes) Spirited domme ‘Miss Gillian-Lancer’ is reshelving books in a school setting. Little auburn-haired ‘Emily’ enters, saucy in demeanor, and casually drops off a book she is returning.

Gillian-Lancer calls her back–she is going to deal with this attitude right now. OTK, skirt up, blue regulation panties. A slipper is handy, down with her knickers, and loud and hard but otherwise uneventful spanking.

‘Female Domination Training #1’ (2F/f; time: 11 minutes) ‘Miss Smith’ sits with ‘Jane’ on the ‘Pornstar’ and ‘Director’ canvas directors’ chairs we have seen in a few films. ‘Angelina’ (“my special pet”) is kneeling on a chair beside them bare-bottom. Jane is fascinated and excited by the idea of spanking girls’ bare bottoms and wants some pointers.

Smith explicates: You spank “just hard enough to hurt..not brutal..the bottom is resistant…it will be red and sore but quite OK the next day.” Test victim Angelina is taken OTK, denim mini skirt up, no panties at this point in her day. Jane tries spanking her, very tepid, and Smythe switches her to a chair without arms. “Spank one cheek at a time, with a little pause…it hurts more.”

Smith fetches her tawse, Angelina kneels up on the chair. She puts a rubber phallus between Angelina’s legs. “Don’t sit on it.” It’s a way to keep her upright. Smith whips hard, Jane is pathetic.

When they conclude with Angelina and leave, Angelina is alone with the phallus and goes to work with it. Unusual for this series.

‘Angelina and Lena Newcomers’ (F/2f; time: 10 minutes) Another film with Miss Smith and two girls, sitting in interview style on the canvas directors’ chairs. The girls are auditioning, and Smith explains the procedure.

Lena is spanked first, a tall lean light brunette. OTK, knickers down, not much of a test. Brunette Angelina is spanked next. The camera missed her knickers coming down, and the director didn’t go back to do it. After the spankings, the girls sit and talk about it, without pants, and masturbate.

‘Foul Mouthed Secretary’ (F/f; time: 8 minutes) A tall pageboy blonde gets obscene with a customer on the phone at her fashion design job. She is quickly reported by the customer to the girl’s boss, played by ‘Elizabeth Simpson.’

There will be a spanking. “Take these down,” her jeans. “The customer is always right” is the chant as the OYK spanking begins. Lovely bottom, it seems almost superfluous to say, pink thong. Simpson mutters that she is disgusted with the attitudes of these college-girl temp employees.

Simpson wants the girl to strip off her knee boots, jeans, and thong. The girl will have to work at her desk for the rest of the day without any pants on, a concept we love.

‘Girls School Troubles’ (M/2f; time:12 minutes) Fancy setting, a later film in the series. The ‘professor,’ for want of a better name, has called for two schoolgirls, who now appear before him in blazers. They’ve been out late and done various things which now warrant a spanking. He pulls a strap out of his jacket vest pocket. The girls squirm.

“A trip to my study can be good news or bad news.” Brunette ‘Hannah’ is first to bend over the desk. Handspanking begins on her blue knickers. The professor pulls her pants down, his favorite part of the day. The second auburn/brunette gets the same spanking on her white panties.

Two bare bottoms over the desk.6 strokes of that strap for each.

Hallway Detention’ Reviewed in the Jodie collection.

‘Katie’s First’ (M/2f; 11 minutes): the simplist of storylines. Dino (‘Peters’) will interview two girls. He needs to test if they can take a spanking for videos he would make. To show ‘Katie’ what it is like, ‘Carla’ will be spanked for demonstration. She is a curly-haired brunette. On request, she quickly drops her jeans and panties, confident to fully expose herself. Dino takes her OTK for a crisp spanking. Katie sits immediately beside the action and flashes a little nervous smile. “You won’t be smiling like that when it’s your turn.” “Maybe not.” Carla spreads her legs to steady herself on Dino’s lap, and to give us winks between her thighs. to the wall, pants gone, hands-on-head.

Now for blonde Katie. She drops her jeans. Dino will start on her tight white boyshorts, but he soon helps her to take them down. She also is unconcerned about being naked and is also shaved. She gets the same spanking, mayber a bit milder.

Dino gets his straps and cane. Carla bends over a heavy oak antique conference table, stretches forward to grab the edge, and takes a short strapping demonstration. He asks Katie to step forward and check how warm Carla’s buttocks have become.

‘Matron Knows Best’ (F/f; time: 14 minutes): Older male and female actors play a Headmaster and Matron; the matron reports ‘Carter’ for dirty panties. The Headmaster disclaims knowledge of such hygenics. He only sees bottoms when he has to spank them.

Carter is summoned, a solid brunette. “Drop your drawers.” “What, here?” the Matron checks and sure enough,she is not clean. the matron marches her into a bathroom, washes her butt and makes Carter wash, keeping her ample, atletic bottom full-screen.

Back to the Headmaster’s office for the punishment. the matron uses a slipper, quite hard, OTK. the Headmaster observes. Carter has a few faint bruises from a previous film.

The Head will now cane her. she leans on a chair and takes 15 sharp snaps, each of which cause her to jump and gasp. The only facials of this actress occur during this caning sequence.

‘Miss Bradley Knows Best’ (F/f; time: 10 minutes) The familiar Scottish dominatrix ‘Jean Bradley,’ on long-term contract, confronts a young brunette, who is wearing a short flannel nightie. She was out late last night and has gone beyond forgiveness. “I’m going to give you a good thrashing…a spanking across my knee, and then the cane.”

OTK, nightgown up, black panties–a spanking and continued scolding. Panties down, the scene is a conventional OTK experience.

Dissolve; “Get those jammies off. It’s not the first time I’ve seen a girl naked. I’ve seen breasts before.” (The girl had complained that she is not wearing a bra.) Bend-over naked, good boobs hang. “Bottom out.” Just four strokes of the cane. Whimpering. Not much of a look of this power-packed body except her spankable bottom.

(M/f; time: 15 minutes) Straightforward schoolgirl spanking scenario. A short peroxide blonde sits on a bench, waiting to be dealt with. “Get that smile off your face,” says the staff disciplinarian. She has come from Russia and may not be acquainted with these British procedures.

“You’ll be crying, not laughing, when you leave here.” She has to face the wall. “Raise your skirt. Pull down them knickers.” He swooshes the cane.

OTK, mild handspanking. The actress can’t quite control herself. “Stop smirking, now!” He makes her stand on the bench and stretch her arms wide along the coat hooks. She is required to say, “Thank you for smacking my bare bottom.” She laughs at her lines.

He leaves her, pants down, standing on the bench, for the class changeover students to pass by.

‘Severe Caning’ (M/f; time: 13 minutes) Another well-made short; a conventional-looking brunette in schoolgirl attire is being scolded by an uncle or guardian. She was at an unauthorized party, where there was drinking, damage to the house, and maybe drugs. She has been warned before. This time, “a short sharp lesson is required.”

“I am going to fetch the cane and thrash your bare bottom.” The girl knows the position. she lies across two low tables with pillows on them. The guardian pulls her knickers down to the top of her thighs. He proceeds to lay on 35 sharp snaps with the cane. Much of the caning is filmed as facial shots, so the count may be questioned. The girl’s blouse and sweater extend down over the top of her buttocks, so that only a more narrow band of bare skin is available.

There seem to be real tears and a wet face. “The last few really count,” she hears.

‘Tawsed’ (M/f; time: 19 minutes) Actors ‘Heather Stanton’ and ‘Dino.’ He plays a priest visiting a school. Heather confesses to naughty thoughts, and masturbating. Dino wonders what would happen to her if he were to tell her parents about this. She doesn’t want this, so now he has the leverage he needs.

He will chastise her now, “I’m going to give you a damn good hiding…the tawse across your bottom.” Heather has been through this before. She lies over a table, head down. Dino raises her skirt and goes right for the panties, taking them down to her knees. He notes bruises from a previous spanking. In fact, Ms. Stanton is a busy actress.

After a handspanking warm up, he puts the tawse in front of her face. “It’s been a year since you’ve had this.” The twasing is sharp and much harder than the spanking. Time for Heather to strip naked. When she stands for some tawse palm slaps, there is a nice frontal. Excellent humiliation. More spanking and tawsing, bent over and kneeling on a chair.

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