Bottom Line II-Sorority Sisters – FIRMHAND

10 Dec

F/4f; time: 34 minutes

The concept of a spanking sorority gives FIRMHAND the vehicle to have four girls put through various paces in several settings. FH has always been short on plot, but long on hard spankings and pretty bottoms.

After a California-style residential exterior shot opening, four girls enter a house–‘Natasha,’ ‘Amy,’ ‘Caron,’ and ‘Shannon,’ all named in the opening credits. They are greeted by an older Sister and without any further ado, each is spanked OTK, skirts up. Since the thong is the thing, there is mostly bare flesh.

The four girls are marched into a bedroom. “Take your shorts down and bend over.” The sister moves down the line with a very large fraternity paddle, laying 10 swats on each bottom. Blotching and bruising begin. The intensity seems to relax, suggesting some complaining on the set.

“Next Day”: The girls sit around the pool at the sorority house. One of the girls has received a written notice from the college Dean, which they know will mean the “leather strap” for her. Definitely fantasy–girls strap Deans nowadays.

Dissolve: two men from the college show up at the sorority. They will punish the girls there, and the girls are angry about it. They wonder, just who is NOT going to punish them? They are given the choice–the deans will spanks them or call the police. The girls mutter, “You know what it is…they get their rocks off…young girls.”

Brunette Amy is taken first, over as couch, for a large and loud tawse. Caron, Natasha, and Shannon follow. the girls seem to know to drop their pants without direction. Each girl then gets a brief caning.

“Back at the Sorority House”: More paddling from the Sister; the girls’ bottoms are still red–this is surely a one-day shoot. Since Shannon and Natasha are the ringleaders of the group, they get the cane.

Dissolve to the pool again and a girlie scene, the girl parading in bikinis. They plan to pirate and sell some CD’s, which sets up a confrontation with authorities for a sequel.

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