Wheel of Discipline – PACIFICFORCE

11 Dec

F/3f; time: 43 minutes

We thought, as we pondered a review of this film, that PACIFIC FORCE has succeeded in spite of itself. We have avoided much of their catalogue, partly because they objected to amateur reviews on other sites we have communicated with, and also because we found the films trite and unimaginative. The premise for this video is sufficiently comic to overcome the deficiencies.

“Wheel of Discipline” is a television show. Three female contestants will answer quiz questions (all about spanking) for cash prizes. If they miss, the must spin a wheel and be spanked with the implement and the number of strokes designated.

There is an attempt at high hilarity as the girls begin the game. The game show host is a smarmy male from the Pacific Force cast. ‘Mistress Jacqueline’ of Pacific Force sits off to the side. She will administer the spankings. Three slightly well-traveled actresses from Pacific Force, brunettes ‘Valerie,’ ‘Franchesca,’ and ‘Nancy,’ giggle as the rules are explained–three questions to a set; three rounds, spankings on their dresses, then on panties, and finally on the bare.

Valerie goes first, misses her third question, and spins the small and slightly amateur wheel. It clacks as it turns, as you can imagine, and stops at handspanking-50 strokes. Mistress Jacqueline takes delight in delivering the OTK whacking.

Franchesca earns 15 strokes from the Pacific Force paddle; Nancy gets 50 handspanks.

There is a commercial break, an advertisement for a PF spanking video.

No one objects to the second round-on panties. Valarie gets 15 of the paddle; Franchesca 20 of the hairbrush, and Nancy 50 handspanks. The fact that some of the penalties are repetitious probably shows the wheel is not rigged.

The second commercial advertises a new aggregate plastic paddle Pacific Force markets. Jacqueline and the Host demonstrate it on Nancy’s bare bottom.

Round Three is bare skin. Valerie gets 5 with the cane, not hard but more severe than anything preceding. Franchesca gets 25 with a large fraternity paddle. Nancy-20 with a strap.

For a coda, all three girls strip naked, their backs to us, and Jacqueline lays on 20 strokes to each with a wooden kitchen spoon. Squeals.

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