Wrong End of the Stick – STRICTLYENGLISH

17 Dec

MF/2f; year: 2004; time: 48 minutes

STRICTYENGLISH reports that this is a “director’s cut,” from 1997; big cast for a CP film, a lot of scene changes. ‘Uncle Steve’ is on the phone about his niece ‘Sharon.’ We see Sharon, an insouciant little blonde in double ponytails wearing full schoolgirl kit. She is eavesdropping. Sharon has been skipping school, and her mother, on the phone, wants her spanked.

Uncle is only too happy to comply and soon has her OTK. She doesn’t appear all that upset either. Uncle sees her red bottom and Sharon explains she was spanked at school today.

Flashback to school; Sharon’s teacher, American ‘Miss Davis,’ takes her OTK in a book-lined school office, pulls her panties down, and spanks. Sharon whines through the mild experience. You get the idea no amount of spanking will ever get through to this girl. Davis switches to a very large fraternity paddle, a daunting instrument which generates its own power and covers a lot of skin.

Flash forward to Uncle Steve. He is angry that a teacher spanked Sharon. (We guess this is HIS bottom to spank) He calls the Headmaster, who will speak to Davis. We experienced spankos recognize a multiple-bottom plot in development.

Sharon warns Uncle Steve Miss Davis will lie when she is confronted. Sharon needs to cover her bases, because he is not going to like what he hears from her. Nude scene-Sharon soaking her bottom in the tub.

Dissolve to the school. The Headmaster confronts Davis. He demands she apologize to Sharon’s uncle and then HE will spank HER. He will use a paddle.

Uncle Steve arrives at the school, he is prepared to paddle Miss Davis himself, but when she explains Sharon’s scheming escapades, he is going to say he has “the wrong end of the stick.” Davis will give him a cane from the headmaster’s office to take home.

There is a flashback here of the spanking Davis gave Sharon, who, we repeat, from the look of her could not be spanked enough. Sharon is rude and disrepectful, suggesting Davis is “a dyke…past it all… and jealous.”

Dissolve forward again, Davis and the headmaster. She bends over his desk, skirt up, panties still in place. He asks the meaning of a tattoo on her right buttock. She gets six with his paddle and notices the absence of his cane. He wants it back by 9 AM tomorrow, or the spanking continues.

Dissolve to yet another scene; Steve pulls a naked Sharon out of a bathtub and marches her into the living room. She is spanked on the couch, naked, wet, wriggling.

Miss Davis phones; she must have that cane back. Steve will keep spanking Sharon until Davis arrives, the they both will cane her. Sharon stands naked, full frontal as she is scolded. David arrives and canes Sharon.

Miss Davis has been turned on by all this, shows Steve her bottom marks from the headmaster, and asks to be spanked and caned, after which they hug.

Back at school, yet more action. David returns the cane, brings Sharon with her. The Head spanks Sharon again and then Davis for good measure.

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