Disciplined Housewives – CALSTAR

18 Dec

M/2f; time: 54 minutes

These American BJ Frazier CALSTAR films usually limp along for us. This one isn’t so bad. It must be all about how much spanking the model is willing to take. ‘Sir Nik’ is again in his therapist role here, on hire to spank naughty housewives at the request of their husbands.

In the first segment, a sturdy and sexy long-haired curly blonde arrives at Nik’s offices. She has been caught cheating on her husband. “You’ve been counseled before?” Nothing seems to work. Nik reminds her what she already knows, “This is not typical counseling…more disciplinary…corporal-type punishment.” She mentions she needs “purging,” which Nik likes, although there won’t be an enema today. She wants to stay married–her husband is older and wealthy. She pay this therapy price.

“Remove your dress…you don’t wear a bra?” The blonde strips down to satin panties, garter belt, and stockings. As is so many CP films, the tag still shows on what must be new panties. Nik begins a long spanking sequence with implements he has laid out for her to anticipate.

She bends over a table, he bunches her panties; Handspanking; a nasty hard wood paddle about half-fraternity size; a strap; a long-handled lollypop paddle which looks effective; hairbrush; tawse; big frying pan-sized thin paddle, and at last the cane. Bare bottom along the way. Her bottom and thighs are speckled, striped, bruised, and swollen, and she is quivering. “No more opening your legs for strange men.”

Nik’s second client today is a brunette, visiting for the FIFTH time for what he calls a “touch-up.” Before the woman comes in, NIK is on the phone with HIS extra-marital lover. He had been watch his own ass. The brunette goes through the same drill as the blonde, except that she seems to be enjoying it.

Nik will conclude the punishment in a more unconventional style. He uses a bundle of thick birches or twigs, which elicits more than one “Fuck!” from the girl. And then a first for us, reviewing almost 1800 films on this site–Nik fills her panties with nettles, makes her pull them on, the spanks the panties with his hard wood paddle, crushing the nettles. The scene is short, suggesting it might have been more uncomfortable than they expected.

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