Jacque and Michelle Whipped and Caned – NUWEST FCV-113

18 Dec

MF/2f; time: 16 minutes

Actresses ‘Jacque’ and ‘Michelle’ are strung up on the darkened lanai at the NuWest studio. Both girls are naked to the waist, and are strong in the boob department, as you would expect at NuWest.

Ed Lee walks onto the darkened set with his long whip. Without much dialogue he will whip both girls for the next 10 minutes or so. Standard stuff if you are a NuWest devotee like we are. He stays high on the backs and shoulders, an area of least danger, as he has explained in tutorials.

The second section moves to more exciting stuff. Michelle will cane Jacque. Michelle is topless. He instructs her to pull Jacque’s skirt and then her satin panties, so that she is naked in her special Barbie-like way.

Lee will prompt Michelle to walk in circles and stop and lay on cane strokes, over 40 in all, with probably some repeats in the last flurry of 27 continuous strokes. Welts, some blood flecks, and an excellent closeup of Jacque’s well-punished bottom.

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