Red Rolls Royce 1 – REDSTRIPE

18 Dec

MF/2f; year: 1999 time: 37 minutes

The red Rolls Royce pulls onto the gravel drive in front of the mansion. The manor lord, ‘Sir Robert,’ angrily pulls his female driver ‘Matthews’ out of the driver’s seat. She committed some unforgivable errors of judgment behind the wheel in the presence Sir Robert and the madam.

Out in the driveway, in broad daylight, the madam says: “You know what is going to happen to you….get your skirt off!” “But the gardener will see me.” “I don’t care. Get it off.” The madam smacks Matthews’ exposed, thonged bottom as she chases her across a veranda we have seen in other REDSTRIPE productions into the house. Matthews is a short-haired blonde, with glasses, and a compact figure which shows promise.

The scene is a beamed, cozy book-lined sitting room. After the madam scolds Matthews for a bit, she is taken OTK full-length on a couch. The madam smacks her bottom and thighs hard enough to elicit little gasps. The madam pulls her thong down, not that it matters. Matthews complains that she sees the gardener watching the spanking through a window, which doesn’t seem to bother thelady.

Matthews gets up and kneels on a stool, keeping her front covered with her long blouse. The tawse comes next, and this is some of the hardest spanking we have seen from REDSTRIPE. Matthews has to bend over the stool now, for 50 more from the tawse. Gasps and erotic shots from below.

The madam swooshes the cane. “Not the cane, madam.” She knows what it is. 35 hard strokes are shown. It got dark outside since we last saw the face of the gardener in the window. They must have taken a break. A long caning; tears. “Get your hands down.” Sir Robert is seen watching from the edge of the room. Oblique shots of Matthews’ bottom show white lines, welts, and blood flecks.

The madam is finished and sends Matthews to her room. But Sir Robert is not satisfied that the spanking was severe enough, so he will demonstrate on her. “That’s not fair.” But it is British, is it not? Madam goes OTK, skirt up. “Get those knickers down.” Black undies–panties, bra, and garter belt. She is familiar with all of this. The madam is an older matronly brunette, plausible as the lady of the manor.

The madam kneels on the same stool for the strap, then bends over it for more. “Back arched!” We notice this actress develops a chafing between her buttocks as they are agitated by the spanking.

“You know what part of the punishment comes next….fetch the cane.” She bends over-two strokes; touches the floor (to her displeasure) for 6 more; a break to rub then hands-on-sofa for 6 more. Welts, bruises, some blood flecks. “Spread your legs, place your hands on the carpet. She moans objection and takes 8 more, faster and very hard. We’re still no finished. 8 more hands on couch.

The madam is finished for now. Sir Robert promises to show her bottom to the servants if she doesn’t behave, and the next time the room will be filled with an audience. The madam rubs when she stands, which earns her one last stroke.

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