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Two Brave Meaty Cheeks Against Ten Floppy Canes – MOONGLOW

29 Jan

time: 39 minutes

Eight rousing caning sequences from films we would like to identify; despite our large collection, we recognize only one. This may be a MOONGLOW product–it is not listed on their website, or it may belong to STINGINTHETAIL. We’ll work on it.

(1) A girl lays flat on a dining table, bare bottom, white knee socks, white blouse. Another girl, also without her pants and in the same partial school dress, watches. The male is a familiar character from XEROTICS and elsewhere. It is a moderate caning; this is an unusual position–lying flat.

(2) Two schoolgirls are caning a third girl, who is bent over a trestle, bare-bottom, wrists and ankles tied. A female ‘matron’ observes and a male calls out the strokes. 10 strokes from one of the girls, 10 from the other, and then 10 more, alternated by the two girls. Hard, realistic caning, wrap-around on the flanks, etc. Rarely have we seen a ‘schoolgirl’ cane this hard.

(3) A girl in a two-piece red cheerleader’s outfit bends over a couch, her pompoms scattered about. A familiar male lays on 7 hard strokes, then pulls the panties down, hands the cane to a second guy for 6 more strokes. Another cheerleader without pants stands to the side, either already spanked or coming next in this excerpt.

(4) A girl is bent over for a left-handed caner. She takes 10 on the bare, then 6 more she counts, another six, and a last six, the “final warning.” “It doesn’t have much effect on you, does it?” He gives her yet more, and faster. “Legs further apart…PT again, isn’t it?”

(5) A surprisingly harsh caning episode, unlike we have seen at MOONGLOW or SIT; In a faux B&D chamber, a blonde, wearing only garter belt and stockings, kneels on a bench for the cane. A ‘mistress’ in black latex dominatrix garb canes her very hard, breaking skin and drawing blood almost immediately. After 17 strokes with the cane tip mostly on the fair buttock and causing some damage, the mistress shifts to the left buttock for 8 or 9 strokes; then about 30 more, covering the whole bottom again. The mistress dabs the trickling blood and then adds a final six. Another naked girl is watching.

(6) This excerpt carries the “” logo. A girl is bent over a bench, wearing only a leopard bra, garter belt and stockings. she was caught having sex with his girlfriend, who seems to be in the room and was probably next in the full film. A dozen strokes, six of them counted, then 6 more. “So you’re getting off on this, are you?”

With another cane, hands on ankles, 6 more. Surprisingly hard, as are all these canings, re-challenging us to find the source(s).

(7) Another schoolgirl over a trestle, the “SIT” logo. A pretty blonde teacher-type does the caning here, and with some undisguised relish. About 25 strokes on the bare, legs spread wide. Skin pops. Another girl waits. After some rubbing, she goes over a table for 6 more.

(8) The final segment comes from the conclusion of MOONGLOW’s ‘Tina’s Ton Up,” a top-20 on anybody’s list; actress ‘Yvonne’ or ‘Tina Jones’ takes a fearful caning in this film, reviewed elsewhere. This is the conclusion of the bare-bottom finale, 25 strokes, where Tina kneels on two chairs. Her bottom shows the results of the full film.

Rehab Reprobates – CALSTAR

29 Jan

2F/3f; time: 56 minutes

A surprising film; after a drab pro forma start, there will be a rousing conclusion.

The setting seems to be a rehab hospital, where four girls are confined. Two of them, intentionally skanky of appearance, the actress ‘Stephanie’ and another brunette, smoke and cuss on the hospital grounds in an exterior shot. Two other girls, blond actress ‘Elena’ and a brunette, pass by and are confronted.

It seems Elena and her companion have the little job of buying contraband liquor for the girls, but they have been switching out the quality and pocketing the profits.

Stephanie is the heavy here. She goes both ways in her films, more so here than in any we’ve found. Elena and her friend will take spankings to settle this little matter. After suitable cussing and street talk, the four girls go inside, where the punishments can be properly filmed.

Stephanie will spank Elena and her friend. Elena goes OTK first, skirt up. Stephanie uses her thong strap as a handle to secure her, then takes the useless thing down. This a tight, trim, glorious little bottom. We’d like to alert you to a recent review of ours entitled ‘Loves to Be Spanked,’ where this tush is full screen the entire film. Stephanie’s associate sits close by and joins in by fondling, licking and kissing Elena’s trapped buttocks.

Elena kneels on the couch for the strap. The girls are very much into this. Stephanie reaches for a synthetic cane and lays on 15 strokes while Elena kneels; then she stands and bends over, grabs her ankles, spreading her legs, thong stretched tight at her ankles, for about 20 more strokes. Elena hardly flinches, even when Stephanie throws some wild strokes on her lower back and thighs. Sniffles.

The brunette assistant has taken up a sitting position on the couch with Elena’s face in her grasp as Stephanie canes. It is a hard caning, and despite film repeats, Elena is one of the brave actresses.

“Now it’s your turn,” to Elena’s partner. She will get the same treatment. Stephanie’s friend tries her hand, but she does not spank hard enough, so Steph takes over with a notable difference. More rubbing, licking, and kissing. A wild caning of about 25 strokes on film. The brunette masturbates as she watches. The two girl are allowed to leave.

Both Steph and her partner, being pumped up, will continue. Steph drops the brunette’s panties, first for the strap, and then 6 of the cane. Very quick bruising.

Stephanie goes off-screen upstairs and returns wearing a formidable lavender dildo. Usually these girl-on-girl scenes in CP films are perfunctory, but not this one. After some oral foreplay, the brunette kneels on the couch and is taken from behind. The camera angles and lighting are weak, but the action seems authentic.

Matters intensify. Stephanie rocks back on her haunches on the floor; the brunette, skewered, sits on Steph’s thighs and rides the dildo as the girls pump together, making this one of the most graphic strap-on scenes we have found, including all the NuWest versions. The action is in full camera view. Both girls gasp and virtually collapse in an impressive climax or more than one.

Loves To Be Spanked – MOONGLOW

29 Jan

M/f; time: 26 minutes

The CP actress ‘Elena’; you will see but a glance of part of her pretty face, just her bare bottom, for the full 26 minutes. Our identification of her, triggered by another alert webcrawler, is confirmed by a mole on her right flank and a recently installed small tramp stamp tattoo, not seen in her many earlier films. We’ve seen too many of these films when we recognize moles!

Elena is naked, lying on her stomach on a pillow. An unidentified male (no dialogue) will spank her and then frig her in a lengthy scene.

For the first 20 minutes the male spanks with his hand, a sole, a paddle, a leather embossed strap/paddle, a large shovel-shaped leather paddle, and a long tawse. As her bottom turns red, Elena twists and undulates as well as any actress you will see.

For the final five minutes, the actor frigs Elena with several fingers, softly, then roughly, alternating. She rises to meet and ride his hand and reaches under to finger herself also. A fitting sexy climax for all of us.

The film dissolves as the guy is about to begin a caning.

Whipping Revenge – CALSTAR

22 Jan

F/2f; time: 39 minutes

Two girls receive a surprise phone call; ‘Kirsten,’ a former partner-in-crime with them, is out of jail, having served 3 years and kept quiet for them. She wants her share of the loot, 100,000 pds. She’ll be right over.

The girls panic; they know Kirsten was known as a spanker in prison. Kirsten arrives, a thin brunette dressed butch, with tattoos and sunglasses. She “has her boys downstairs,” she wants her money in one week and will give the girls “a damn good beating.”

“In the meantime, you’re going to take a beating.” Tough Kirsten starts with a buxom brunette, dressed as a stripper on break. OTK first, a slow and moderately hard handspanking. Black panties down, a large round bottom. She bends over the arm of their couch for some paddles and the cane soon to come, which Kirsten brought in her car.

The girls have to reposition the couch for Kirsten to get the proper backswing and camera angle. About 15 effective strokes. “Oh, my God, that’s the worst, please.” Marks show all over her bottom and thighs.

An equally buxom short-haired blonde is the other partner and now it is her turn. She wears just a halter and short skirt. It is her turn to go OTK, skirt up, her thong exposes her bare cheeks. Handspanking, thong down, for the two paddles.

The blonde’s turn for the cane, and this is a tougher session. About 20 strokes, stripes and welts all over the place. Skin pops. Strokes have wrapped around to her flank.

Kirsten will leave. “I want my money next week.” The brunette creams the blonde’s bottom, which certainly needs attention.

Caning in the Rain – CALSTAR

22 Jan

F/f; time: 26 minutes

A tidy and simplistic British spanking film. Nothing much to it, but good acting, and an actress with an absolutely perfect bottom.

The Headmistress sits at the computer. A knock on the door. “Oh, it’s you, Goodhead.” She is a tall blonde with long pigtails, and she seems amused by these proceedings. She has been caught, a second time, tampering with cars on campus. Goodhead was promised “corporal punishment” the next time this happened. Goodhead pretends not to know what corporal punishment means. She is sent to the common room to wait for the Head.

Goodhead fidgets. The Head arrives. “Stop grizzling and sobbing.” Goodhead is taken OTK. “Stop whinging.” Skirt up, excellent white knickers alert us to this glorious tush. Panties down. “Oh, please, not on the bare!” After some spanking, the Head tells Goodhead they’re going outside, “in the rain,” to finish this. “I’m just tenderizing your bottom…..Go down to the bin shed and wait for me. I’m going to get my cane.”

Goodhead walks outside to the shed. Birds chirp on the sound track. The Head arrives with her cane and paddles. “Are you nice and cold and shivery?” The Head seems to know that spankings are most effective in the cold.

Goodhead bends over some bales for the black paddle, panties down again, a beautiful angle on that bottom! She is urged in the diaper position. “You’ve done this before.” Full puss. Paddle and floppy strap. Bend-over again for more, continuous scolding.

They go outside in the rain. Goodhead bends forward, hands on the wall of the shed, panties down yet again, about 25 cane strokes, repeats, marks and welts.

Spanking Academy – BIZARRE

21 Jan

year: 1999; time: 55 minutes

A large cast of actors found in many soft-porn B&D films; ‘Mistress Midori’ is teaching what looks like an adult night school class of couples on spanking and discipline. The couples will be asked to share with the class their own spanking experiences, which permits a series of flashback scenes.

The first couple is the late actress ‘Anna Malle’ and her husband ‘Hank Armstrong.’ The scene depicts Anna reading porn and spanking herself. Hank interrupts and is happy to take over. Anna wears classic bra/panty/garter stuff from soft porn. They play at spanking and tussling before heading for the bedroom.

The second couple to share, ‘John’ (Ernest Green) and “Roxanne Hall’ discuss their Friday night ritual. Roxanne lies naked on a bed, rehearsing her little demerit list confession, awaiting her spanking. John comes home and spanks her mildly as the actor does in all his films.

The next couple play a boss and secretary; she gets playfully spanked over a desk and then simulates a blowjob to complete the scenario.

The last part of the film is the best; Mistress has been assisted in the class by a willowy, brooding brunette, the actress ‘Ivy English,’ whose erotic presence has been felt during the couples discussions.

“I have prepared a demonstration.” Ivy is made to strip down to bra in front of the three couples, who are loving this. The Mistress then spanks mostly naked Ivy with various implements. The men has better keep their hands where we can see them.

Jessie’s Bad Day – OOHTEEKAY

21 Jan

M/f; time: 28 minutes

An undisguised attempt at an erotic spanking, with no intention of subtlety or plot. ‘Jessie’ is small and dark-blonde; the film opens with tease shots of her in various fetish outfits. There will be no dialogue, only graphics to suggest the storyline.

In the opening sequence, the screen message informs us Jessie’s boyfriend has been authorized to teach her a lesson for staying out late. A faceless hairy-armed male takes Jessie OTK, get her panties down, and spanks the bejesus out of her. In just a bra and tiny skirt she kneels up on a bed for the strap.

The next graphic advises Jessie can’t go to cheerleader practice because she is sick. So again, the ‘boyfriend’ is authorized, this time to take her temperature rectally. A long and slow scene, Vaseline, an unhappy face on Jessie. Good enough closeup of the insert. Of course she isn’t sick, so she is taken OTK, the boyfriend sitting on a toilet seat. Tears, and a very red bottom.

In the last session, Jessie’s mom has ordered her to strip naked. The boyfriend straps her in several positions. A long conclusion of Jessie, cornered naked in a shower stall.

Like Father , Like Son – MOONGLOW

20 Jan

MF/3f; time: 1 hr 9 minutes

A film distributed by ‘Top Marks,’ here in association with KANE magazine. Other Top Marks films we have seen were produced in conjunction with MOONGLOW. You’ve got the general idea anyway. Interchangeable acting crew.

Actress ‘Monica’ is leafing through KANE magazines on their bed and spanking herself when her husband ‘Steve’ bursts in. He wants to go out for a beer, but Monica wants a spanking first. They play at spanking and fondling in various positions. There is a hairbrush within reach. After some games and some temperature rise for sure, Steve receives a cell call (the size of the phones is another way of dating these films) and must leave.

Two girls, Monica’s “lodgers” ‘Donna’ and ‘Joan,’ had overheard the love-commotion and they sneak into the room, study the magazines, and root out a collection of spanking implements. They try spanking each other.

Elsewhere, Steve’s father ‘Tom,’ the late actor ‘Tom Cooper,’ has overheard the clatter and calls the girls out. They admit rifling the bedroom. As per the title, now Tom will have his go.

He will spank brunette Joan first. She is wearing a pink nightie. Tom is soon at her knickers. He smacks and rubs. She calls him “grandpa,” appropriately. He wants her to kneel on the bed, “bottom on display,” while he shifts his attention to Donna. After the same OTK for her, he paddles both bottoms side by side on the bed.

At this point Monica and Steve return. “These two were plundering your bedroom.” Steve gets his cane and starts on Joan, 6 strokes on the bare. Donna will be caned next, but Monica begins to argue on behalf of her lodgers, which is only going to get her caught up in the farm machinery. Monica is made to kneel between the two girls and Tom spanks his step-daughter. He also gives her 6 strokes of the cane.

The spanking melee continues; Steve is given the cane; he spanks the girls first then canes them 6 or 8 times–they count aloud. The girls are released.

After another little spat (Monica must intend this), she gets the cane from Steve. To conclude the men convene to revel in their spanking accomplishments.

Caned by the Council – CALSTAR

20 Jan

F/2f; year: 2008; time: 40 minutes

An exterior scene shows directional signs for a municipal court. Inside, actress ‘Dublin O’Brien,’ done up in an unintentionally comical vaudeville olive drab uniform and cap, plays a matron who will deal with two “streetwalkers.” The girls don’t seem to impressed by Ms. O’Brien’s brogue scolding, which is also humorous in its own right, but we know she can lay it on.

The girls, off the street we’re told, are wearing next to nothing. Dublin will begin the spanking with a thin brunette. She bends over a table, her little red dress is rucked up what little it needs to rise, and her bottom is bare except for a white thong. Dublin gives her a long, slow handspanking, standing bent forward. The setting is a sort of classroom.

The girl’s blond partner, sitting at a student desk and watching, objects to “this procedure,” which we all know will just cost her.

The blonde is next to bend over. She is wearing just a thin denim wrap-around, not enough to cover her buttocks, and NO panties. It must be summer on the streets. She gets the same slow spanking, and then is taken OTK. Bruising begins.

The brunette is next OTK to balance things out. The irrelevant thong comes down. Bruising also. The girls take turns kneeling on a platform designed for the purpose, for the black CALSTAR paddle. The brunette hands over her thong, which Dublin contemptuously discards like trash.

The blonde gets two more paddles, then Dublin steps off-screen and returns with a martinet and a document authorizing extra punishment for the blonde, who is determined to be the instigator. While Dublin whips the blonde with the martinet, she makes the brunette stand close by in the screen shot and take off her little dress. She is naked.

After the whipping she orders the brunette to “cream her bum and do it right, or you will be whipped.” The brunette does a slow creaming , then is sent off, naked. It time for extra punishment for the troublemaker.

More of the martinet, and a paddle, on a greased bottom, and then Dublin steps aside to get a cane. One of her practice wooshes hits some overhead camera lighting, but she recovers and rearranges furniture for better swings. A trouper!

It is a heavy cane, “senior,” some say. “I suggest you really hold tight. This is really going to hurt.” About 22 hard cane strokes are shown, surely repeats, as might be detected from the girl’s grunts. But her bottom shows the mixed results of handspanking, paddling, the martinet, and the cane.

“You’ll tell all the street girls what happens here?” “Yes, miss.” Her little wrap-around denim won’t be good enough to cover her stripes.

On Probation – REDSTRIPE

20 Jan

M/2f; year: 2000; time: 59 minutes

CP producer ‘Ivor Gold’ plays a probation officer, whose job it is to punish girls who have been sent to him by the courts. And you can imagine he takes the work quite seriously. In a rather repetitive storyline, he will tend to two girls.

‘Mr. Cooper’ receives his first assignee, the blond actress ‘Samantha Johnson’ as ‘Miss Hamilton.’ She is late for the appointment. She has been caught giving away company secrets. He lectures the lithe and dignified Ms. Johnson. He doesn’t scold (much!), he believes in “more direct action.”

“Remove your jacket…quickly..I have more miscreants to see.” Hamilton takes off her blazer; she wears an alluring flowing white silk blouse and short skirt. He’ll get to it. She has maybe been here before or knows exactly what to do. Hands-on-chair, skirt up, full white panties, he handspanks and scolds, tugging the knickers down. “You’re on four months’ probation…you’ll be visiting me once a week.” He will spank her so that she remembers it when she sits down on the train home. After a short and moderate session, she may leave. Next week at 1 PM.

The second girl comes in, ‘Miss Ashley,’ the willowy brunette actress ‘Sascha Lievely,’ plenty of experience in the CP trade. Ashley is much more of a regular, quickly removes her jacket and bends over and gets the same spanking. She knows enough to volunteer her transgressions during the week. Honesty reduces the punishment. 1:45 next week.

Dissolve to ‘Next Week’; Hamilton arrives on time; now she has compounded her punishment by being caught in some insider stock trades. Cooper has set up a metal pipe frame, a “stool” he will call it. It is a waist-high rectangular frame and four legs, tilted. Hamilton bends over it and grasps protruding handles near the floor. This places her bottom highest, perfect for spanking, and spreads her legs about 1 foot apart.

Cooper flips up her skirt and pulls down her knickers, noting bruises from last week. (These scenes were filmed in close time proximity). She gets the strap on this visit, and we get the first good facials from her. 12 strokes and a few extras for breaking position. See you next week.

“The infamous Miss Ashley” enters. Cooper goes through her handbag, having been tipped off she has been shoplifting. She bends over the stool, skirt up, lavender high-cut panties, “marks still from last week.” The strap, panties down.

Another week passes, Hamilton returns, this time in a fetching black cocktail dress. Over the stool again, white panties down, for handspanking then 12 from a cane. She leaves.

Ashley comes in from the waiting room and gets her twelve of the cane. Since the girls have many weeks to go, what can they expect to happen as punishment escalates?