Female Punishment #4 (Pleasure and Pain) -WILDAFRICACANINGS

9 Jan

F/f; 22 minutes

Films from this producer are difficult to come by. We’ve read they have been restricted or censored because of severity. We’d say the punishments here certainly rival that of LUPUS or MOOD, and lack the humor of LUPUS or melodrama of MOOD.

Brunette ‘Sharon’ is the prisoner and ‘Darlene’ is described as a ‘prison official,’ decked out B&D style in a silly guard’s uniform, a la PACIFIC FORCE or RAVEN HILL. Sharon is caught masturbating, in her cell at the ‘WAC Female Prison Center,’ using a sophisticated ribbed vibrator.

“Assume the position,” orders Darlene. The ‘disciplinary committee’ has authorized Darlene to punish Sharon in any way she sees fit. Tall Sharon is naked (the girls are allowed spaghetti strap heels in this prison).

She is placed in a rather inventive spanking device, worth a moment to describe. She kneels up on what looks like a simple plastic kitchen chair and bends all the way over its back so that her head hangs low. He arms are stretched out at 90 degree angles and fastened at the wrists and elbows. Her bottom is elevated and the highest part of her. Heels survive.

Darlene canes her in this helpless, vulnerable posture, hard and nasty. Sharon must call out the “stripe numbers.” Darlene traces the welts, which are clearly evident from oblique shots, with her fingers. Grunts and shouts.

“We are going to move to another position since you are enjoying this so much.” Still naked, Sharon’s wrists are fastened behind her and pulled up by a ceiling rope, strappado style. An extra long spreader between her ankles completes this revealing and compromising posture.

Darlene continues the caning and begins. The spreader bar must have been loosened or shortened, because Sharon begins to sway around the room under the cane. Low shots–huge welts. Nasty. Sharon manages a reflexive and nervous laugh. at the end.

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