Double Trouble – CALSTAR

16 Jan

F/2f; time: 53 minutes

Two blond girls hide in the bushes drinking wine and giggling; they wear schoolgirl uniforms, although they look post-graduate. The actress ‘Dublin O’Brien’ is on the phone, with the mother of one girl: “We’ll deal with them when they get home.”

Dublin finds them, tipsy, in a garden–her own daughter ‘Carrie’ and her friend ‘Sarah.’ Ms. O’Brien wears the same outfit seen in ‘Hard Cracks of the (Double) Cane.’ We suggest in that review that she comes to the CALSTAR studios, and spanks as many bottoms as have been provided for the day-shoots. She is available and can be seen as a Sub in several early MOONGLOW films. The more buxom O’Brien becomes a vigorous Top at CALSTAR.

The girls are marched inside, through a patio door and onto the CALSTAR white couch, curtain-walled set where many films have been made. Dublin will spank her daughter and her friend. Daughter Carrie goes OTK first, school skirt up, little (and thin) white panties. Sarah is spanked next, on her tight little pink panties. “You’ve been drinking all my alcohol.”

Carrie’s turn again. “You’re not pulling my panties down in front of Sarah…Mom!” Bare-bottom. Sarah then loses her panties. The usual raucous, scolding, and aggressive spanking style from Ms. O’Brien. Dublin tucks skirts and inspects both bottoms. “Not quite red enough.” She straps both girls.

Carrie lives there. She goes to get the thick kidney-bean shaped paddle. Both girls are paddled, then again with another. Some clothes start to come off. Carries discards her panties, Sarah takes off her skirt. Frontal flashes as the girls move about–both a shaved bald. More strapping.

“You’re both going to get the cane now….fetch me the cane.” Carrie bends over first. “I’m sorry, mum!” “Hold tight.” About 24 strokes, white lines on the rouged cheeks. Angles shift for repeats. Dublin snaps off with sharp strokes.

Sarah next, 35 strokes are shown for her. Dublin gets perhaps over-exuberant, but we love it. Gasping, repeats. Dublin hugs and forgives both girls. After all, she’s been here before herself.

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