Caned by the Council – CALSTAR

20 Jan

F/2f; year: 2008; time: 40 minutes

An exterior scene shows directional signs for a municipal court. Inside, actress ‘Dublin O’Brien,’ done up in an unintentionally comical vaudeville olive drab uniform and cap, plays a matron who will deal with two “streetwalkers.” The girls don’t seem to impressed by Ms. O’Brien’s brogue scolding, which is also humorous in its own right, but we know she can lay it on.

The girls, off the street we’re told, are wearing next to nothing. Dublin will begin the spanking with a thin brunette. She bends over a table, her little red dress is rucked up what little it needs to rise, and her bottom is bare except for a white thong. Dublin gives her a long, slow handspanking, standing bent forward. The setting is a sort of classroom.

The girl’s blond partner, sitting at a student desk and watching, objects to “this procedure,” which we all know will just cost her.

The blonde is next to bend over. She is wearing just a thin denim wrap-around, not enough to cover her buttocks, and NO panties. It must be summer on the streets. She gets the same slow spanking, and then is taken OTK. Bruising begins.

The brunette is next OTK to balance things out. The irrelevant thong comes down. Bruising also. The girls take turns kneeling on a platform designed for the purpose, for the black CALSTAR paddle. The brunette hands over her thong, which Dublin contemptuously discards like trash.

The blonde gets two more paddles, then Dublin steps off-screen and returns with a martinet and a document authorizing extra punishment for the blonde, who is determined to be the instigator. While Dublin whips the blonde with the martinet, she makes the brunette stand close by in the screen shot and take off her little dress. She is naked.

After the whipping she orders the brunette to “cream her bum and do it right, or you will be whipped.” The brunette does a slow creaming , then is sent off, naked. It time for extra punishment for the troublemaker.

More of the martinet, and a paddle, on a greased bottom, and then Dublin steps aside to get a cane. One of her practice wooshes hits some overhead camera lighting, but she recovers and rearranges furniture for better swings. A trouper!

It is a heavy cane, “senior,” some say. “I suggest you really hold tight. This is really going to hurt.” About 22 hard cane strokes are shown, surely repeats, as might be detected from the girl’s grunts. But her bottom shows the mixed results of handspanking, paddling, the martinet, and the cane.

“You’ll tell all the street girls what happens here?” “Yes, miss.” Her little wrap-around denim won’t be good enough to cover her stripes.

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