Like Father , Like Son – MOONGLOW

20 Jan

MF/3f; time: 1 hr 9 minutes

A film distributed by ‘Top Marks,’ here in association with KANE magazine. Other Top Marks films we have seen were produced in conjunction with MOONGLOW. You’ve got the general idea anyway. Interchangeable acting crew.

Actress ‘Monica’ is leafing through KANE magazines on their bed and spanking herself when her husband ‘Steve’ bursts in. He wants to go out for a beer, but Monica wants a spanking first. They play at spanking and fondling in various positions. There is a hairbrush within reach. After some games and some temperature rise for sure, Steve receives a cell call (the size of the phones is another way of dating these films) and must leave.

Two girls, Monica’s “lodgers” ‘Donna’ and ‘Joan,’ had overheard the love-commotion and they sneak into the room, study the magazines, and root out a collection of spanking implements. They try spanking each other.

Elsewhere, Steve’s father ‘Tom,’ the late actor ‘Tom Cooper,’ has overheard the clatter and calls the girls out. They admit rifling the bedroom. As per the title, now Tom will have his go.

He will spank brunette Joan first. She is wearing a pink nightie. Tom is soon at her knickers. He smacks and rubs. She calls him “grandpa,” appropriately. He wants her to kneel on the bed, “bottom on display,” while he shifts his attention to Donna. After the same OTK for her, he paddles both bottoms side by side on the bed.

At this point Monica and Steve return. “These two were plundering your bedroom.” Steve gets his cane and starts on Joan, 6 strokes on the bare. Donna will be caned next, but Monica begins to argue on behalf of her lodgers, which is only going to get her caught up in the farm machinery. Monica is made to kneel between the two girls and Tom spanks his step-daughter. He also gives her 6 strokes of the cane.

The spanking melee continues; Steve is given the cane; he spanks the girls first then canes them 6 or 8 times–they count aloud. The girls are released.

After another little spat (Monica must intend this), she gets the cane from Steve. To conclude the men convene to revel in their spanking accomplishments.

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