On Probation – REDSTRIPE

20 Jan

M/2f; year: 2000; time: 59 minutes

CP producer ‘Ivor Gold’ plays a probation officer, whose job it is to punish girls who have been sent to him by the courts. And you can imagine he takes the work quite seriously. In a rather repetitive storyline, he will tend to two girls.

‘Mr. Cooper’ receives his first assignee, the blond actress ‘Samantha Johnson’ as ‘Miss Hamilton.’ She is late for the appointment. She has been caught giving away company secrets. He lectures the lithe and dignified Ms. Johnson. He doesn’t scold (much!), he believes in “more direct action.”

“Remove your jacket…quickly..I have more miscreants to see.” Hamilton takes off her blazer; she wears an alluring flowing white silk blouse and short skirt. He’ll get to it. She has maybe been here before or knows exactly what to do. Hands-on-chair, skirt up, full white panties, he handspanks and scolds, tugging the knickers down. “You’re on four months’ probation…you’ll be visiting me once a week.” He will spank her so that she remembers it when she sits down on the train home. After a short and moderate session, she may leave. Next week at 1 PM.

The second girl comes in, ‘Miss Ashley,’ the willowy brunette actress ‘Sascha Lievely,’ plenty of experience in the CP trade. Ashley is much more of a regular, quickly removes her jacket and bends over and gets the same spanking. She knows enough to volunteer her transgressions during the week. Honesty reduces the punishment. 1:45 next week.

Dissolve to ‘Next Week’; Hamilton arrives on time; now she has compounded her punishment by being caught in some insider stock trades. Cooper has set up a metal pipe frame, a “stool” he will call it. It is a waist-high rectangular frame and four legs, tilted. Hamilton bends over it and grasps protruding handles near the floor. This places her bottom highest, perfect for spanking, and spreads her legs about 1 foot apart.

Cooper flips up her skirt and pulls down her knickers, noting bruises from last week. (These scenes were filmed in close time proximity). She gets the strap on this visit, and we get the first good facials from her. 12 strokes and a few extras for breaking position. See you next week.

“The infamous Miss Ashley” enters. Cooper goes through her handbag, having been tipped off she has been shoplifting. She bends over the stool, skirt up, lavender high-cut panties, “marks still from last week.” The strap, panties down.

Another week passes, Hamilton returns, this time in a fetching black cocktail dress. Over the stool again, white panties down, for handspanking then 12 from a cane. She leaves.

Ashley comes in from the waiting room and gets her twelve of the cane. Since the girls have many weeks to go, what can they expect to happen as punishment escalates?

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