Jessie’s Bad Day – OOHTEEKAY

21 Jan

M/f; time: 28 minutes

An undisguised attempt at an erotic spanking, with no intention of subtlety or plot. ‘Jessie’ is small and dark-blonde; the film opens with tease shots of her in various fetish outfits. There will be no dialogue, only graphics to suggest the storyline.

In the opening sequence, the screen message informs us Jessie’s boyfriend has been authorized to teach her a lesson for staying out late. A faceless hairy-armed male takes Jessie OTK, get her panties down, and spanks the bejesus out of her. In just a bra and tiny skirt she kneels up on a bed for the strap.

The next graphic advises Jessie can’t go to cheerleader practice because she is sick. So again, the ‘boyfriend’ is authorized, this time to take her temperature rectally. A long and slow scene, Vaseline, an unhappy face on Jessie. Good enough closeup of the insert. Of course she isn’t sick, so she is taken OTK, the boyfriend sitting on a toilet seat. Tears, and a very red bottom.

In the last session, Jessie’s mom has ordered her to strip naked. The boyfriend straps her in several positions. A long conclusion of Jessie, cornered naked in a shower stall.

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