Spanking Academy – BIZARRE

21 Jan

year: 1999; time: 55 minutes

A large cast of actors found in many soft-porn B&D films; ‘Mistress Midori’ is teaching what looks like an adult night school class of couples on spanking and discipline. The couples will be asked to share with the class their own spanking experiences, which permits a series of flashback scenes.

The first couple is the late actress ‘Anna Malle’ and her husband ‘Hank Armstrong.’ The scene depicts Anna reading porn and spanking herself. Hank interrupts and is happy to take over. Anna wears classic bra/panty/garter stuff from soft porn. They play at spanking and tussling before heading for the bedroom.

The second couple to share, ‘John’ (Ernest Green) and “Roxanne Hall’ discuss their Friday night ritual. Roxanne lies naked on a bed, rehearsing her little demerit list confession, awaiting her spanking. John comes home and spanks her mildly as the actor does in all his films.

The next couple play a boss and secretary; she gets playfully spanked over a desk and then simulates a blowjob to complete the scenario.

The last part of the film is the best; Mistress has been assisted in the class by a willowy, brooding brunette, the actress ‘Ivy English,’ whose erotic presence has been felt during the couples discussions.

“I have prepared a demonstration.” Ivy is made to strip down to bra in front of the three couples, who are loving this. The Mistress then spanks mostly naked Ivy with various implements. The men has better keep their hands where we can see them.

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