Caning in the Rain – CALSTAR

22 Jan

F/f; time: 26 minutes

A tidy and simplistic British spanking film. Nothing much to it, but good acting, and an actress with an absolutely perfect bottom.

The Headmistress sits at the computer. A knock on the door. “Oh, it’s you, Goodhead.” She is a tall blonde with long pigtails, and she seems amused by these proceedings. She has been caught, a second time, tampering with cars on campus. Goodhead was promised “corporal punishment” the next time this happened. Goodhead pretends not to know what corporal punishment means. She is sent to the common room to wait for the Head.

Goodhead fidgets. The Head arrives. “Stop grizzling and sobbing.” Goodhead is taken OTK. “Stop whinging.” Skirt up, excellent white knickers alert us to this glorious tush. Panties down. “Oh, please, not on the bare!” After some spanking, the Head tells Goodhead they’re going outside, “in the rain,” to finish this. “I’m just tenderizing your bottom…..Go down to the bin shed and wait for me. I’m going to get my cane.”

Goodhead walks outside to the shed. Birds chirp on the sound track. The Head arrives with her cane and paddles. “Are you nice and cold and shivery?” The Head seems to know that spankings are most effective in the cold.

Goodhead bends over some bales for the black paddle, panties down again, a beautiful angle on that bottom! She is urged in the diaper position. “You’ve done this before.” Full puss. Paddle and floppy strap. Bend-over again for more, continuous scolding.

They go outside in the rain. Goodhead bends forward, hands on the wall of the shed, panties down yet again, about 25 cane strokes, repeats, marks and welts.

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