Loves To Be Spanked – MOONGLOW

29 Jan

M/f; time: 26 minutes

The CP actress ‘Elena’; you will see but a glance of part of her pretty face, just her bare bottom, for the full 26 minutes. Our identification of her, triggered by another alert webcrawler, is confirmed by a mole on her right flank and a recently installed small tramp stamp tattoo, not seen in her many earlier films. We’ve seen too many of these films when we recognize moles!

Elena is naked, lying on her stomach on a pillow. An unidentified male (no dialogue) will spank her and then frig her in a lengthy scene.

For the first 20 minutes the male spanks with his hand, a sole, a paddle, a leather embossed strap/paddle, a large shovel-shaped leather paddle, and a long tawse. As her bottom turns red, Elena twists and undulates as well as any actress you will see.

For the final five minutes, the actor frigs Elena with several fingers, softly, then roughly, alternating. She rises to meet and ride his hand and reaches under to finger herself also. A fitting sexy climax for all of us.

The film dissolves as the guy is about to begin a caning.

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