Rehab Reprobates – CALSTAR

29 Jan

2F/3f; time: 56 minutes

A surprising film; after a drab pro forma start, there will be a rousing conclusion.

The setting seems to be a rehab hospital, where four girls are confined. Two of them, intentionally skanky of appearance, the actress ‘Stephanie’ and another brunette, smoke and cuss on the hospital grounds in an exterior shot. Two other girls, blond actress ‘Elena’ and a brunette, pass by and are confronted.

It seems Elena and her companion have the little job of buying contraband liquor for the girls, but they have been switching out the quality and pocketing the profits.

Stephanie is the heavy here. She goes both ways in her films, more so here than in any we’ve found. Elena and her friend will take spankings to settle this little matter. After suitable cussing and street talk, the four girls go inside, where the punishments can be properly filmed.

Stephanie will spank Elena and her friend. Elena goes OTK first, skirt up. Stephanie uses her thong strap as a handle to secure her, then takes the useless thing down. This a tight, trim, glorious little bottom. We’d like to alert you to a recent review of ours entitled ‘Loves to Be Spanked,’ where this tush is full screen the entire film. Stephanie’s associate sits close by and joins in by fondling, licking and kissing Elena’s trapped buttocks.

Elena kneels on the couch for the strap. The girls are very much into this. Stephanie reaches for a synthetic cane and lays on 15 strokes while Elena kneels; then she stands and bends over, grabs her ankles, spreading her legs, thong stretched tight at her ankles, for about 20 more strokes. Elena hardly flinches, even when Stephanie throws some wild strokes on her lower back and thighs. Sniffles.

The brunette assistant has taken up a sitting position on the couch with Elena’s face in her grasp as Stephanie canes. It is a hard caning, and despite film repeats, Elena is one of the brave actresses.

“Now it’s your turn,” to Elena’s partner. She will get the same treatment. Stephanie’s friend tries her hand, but she does not spank hard enough, so Steph takes over with a notable difference. More rubbing, licking, and kissing. A wild caning of about 25 strokes on film. The brunette masturbates as she watches. The two girl are allowed to leave.

Both Steph and her partner, being pumped up, will continue. Steph drops the brunette’s panties, first for the strap, and then 6 of the cane. Very quick bruising.

Stephanie goes off-screen upstairs and returns wearing a formidable lavender dildo. Usually these girl-on-girl scenes in CP films are perfunctory, but not this one. After some oral foreplay, the brunette kneels on the couch and is taken from behind. The camera angles and lighting are weak, but the action seems authentic.

Matters intensify. Stephanie rocks back on her haunches on the floor; the brunette, skewered, sits on Steph’s thighs and rides the dildo as the girls pump together, making this one of the most graphic strap-on scenes we have found, including all the NuWest versions. The action is in full camera view. Both girls gasp and virtually collapse in an impressive climax or more than one.

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