Two Brave Meaty Cheeks Against Ten Floppy Canes – MOONGLOW

29 Jan

time: 39 minutes

Eight rousing caning sequences from films we would like to identify; despite our large collection, we recognize only one. This may be a MOONGLOW product–it is not listed on their website, or it may belong to STINGINTHETAIL. We’ll work on it.

(1) A girl lays flat on a dining table, bare bottom, white knee socks, white blouse. Another girl, also without her pants and in the same partial school dress, watches. The male is a familiar character from XEROTICS and elsewhere. It is a moderate caning; this is an unusual position–lying flat.

(2) Two schoolgirls are caning a third girl, who is bent over a trestle, bare-bottom, wrists and ankles tied. A female ‘matron’ observes and a male calls out the strokes. 10 strokes from one of the girls, 10 from the other, and then 10 more, alternated by the two girls. Hard, realistic caning, wrap-around on the flanks, etc. Rarely have we seen a ‘schoolgirl’ cane this hard.

(3) A girl in a two-piece red cheerleader’s outfit bends over a couch, her pompoms scattered about. A familiar male lays on 7 hard strokes, then pulls the panties down, hands the cane to a second guy for 6 more strokes. Another cheerleader without pants stands to the side, either already spanked or coming next in this excerpt.

(4) A girl is bent over for a left-handed caner. She takes 10 on the bare, then 6 more she counts, another six, and a last six, the “final warning.” “It doesn’t have much effect on you, does it?” He gives her yet more, and faster. “Legs further apart…PT again, isn’t it?”

(5) A surprisingly harsh caning episode, unlike we have seen at MOONGLOW or SIT; In a faux B&D chamber, a blonde, wearing only garter belt and stockings, kneels on a bench for the cane. A ‘mistress’ in black latex dominatrix garb canes her very hard, breaking skin and drawing blood almost immediately. After 17 strokes with the cane tip mostly on the fair buttock and causing some damage, the mistress shifts to the left buttock for 8 or 9 strokes; then about 30 more, covering the whole bottom again. The mistress dabs the trickling blood and then adds a final six. Another naked girl is watching.

(6) This excerpt carries the “” logo. A girl is bent over a bench, wearing only a leopard bra, garter belt and stockings. she was caught having sex with his girlfriend, who seems to be in the room and was probably next in the full film. A dozen strokes, six of them counted, then 6 more. “So you’re getting off on this, are you?”

With another cane, hands on ankles, 6 more. Surprisingly hard, as are all these canings, re-challenging us to find the source(s).

(7) Another schoolgirl over a trestle, the “SIT” logo. A pretty blonde teacher-type does the caning here, and with some undisguised relish. About 25 strokes on the bare, legs spread wide. Skin pops. Another girl waits. After some rubbing, she goes over a table for 6 more.

(8) The final segment comes from the conclusion of MOONGLOW’s ‘Tina’s Ton Up,” a top-20 on anybody’s list; actress ‘Yvonne’ or ‘Tina Jones’ takes a fearful caning in this film, reviewed elsewhere. This is the conclusion of the bare-bottom finale, 25 strokes, where Tina kneels on two chairs. Her bottom shows the results of the full film.

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