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Maximum Impact – CALSTAR

19 Jan

F/2f; year: 1998; time: 39 minutes

The redoubtable ‘Miss Brown’ at nearly her most wicked in her mature career, in that here she uses mostly birches and a cane. Two girls are supposed to be working for Miss Brown, but instead they are smoking, drinking, and have created a mess. Miss Brown surprises them “What the hell is going on here?”

The girls, blond actress ‘Donna Warner’ and brunette ‘Hayley Russell,’ play drunk, and Brown is going to get right to the spanking. She quickly produces two huge bundles of birches, six or seven twigs in each batch, and four feet long. The girls kneel up on two easy chairs and drop their shorts, laughing a bit as if there were a joke. The girls drop their panties, and Brown moves from bottom to bottom. The strokes are mild, but gravity alone would produce a sting from these birches.

Both girls stand and completely remove their knickers. Donna gets into the diaper position on her chair, fully exposed, for more birch. She has to pick twig fragments out of her pussy. Hayley gets the same. Both girls flash frontals as they more about.

Miss Brown is having a bit more fun than she should be having, as always. Donna kneels on the floor, grasps Hayley’s ankles for more birch. The girls switch. Donna polices the twigs from Hayley’s privates.

Hand-on-couch, the birchings continue, and suddenly noticeably harder. The girls have gone quiet but still don’t seem too upset.

Miss Brown steps off-screen to get her cane. She will alternate on the two bare bottoms, in fast sets and slow. Each girl gets about 20 in this standing position. Some repeats and sloppy editing, but Miss Brown does not fool around.

The girls now take turns lying flat on the couch for more cane, about 20 more strokes each, including repeats. But they are still not finished–10 more each, standing bent over.

When the producer hired Brown, Warner, and Russell, it was clear there would be little chit-chat or delay in the program.

Double Trouble – CALSTAR

16 Jan

F/2f; time: 53 minutes

Two blond girls hide in the bushes drinking wine and giggling; they wear schoolgirl uniforms, although they look post-graduate. The actress ‘Dublin O’Brien’ is on the phone, with the mother of one girl: “We’ll deal with them when they get home.”

Dublin finds them, tipsy, in a garden–her own daughter ‘Carrie’ and her friend ‘Sarah.’ Ms. O’Brien wears the same outfit seen in ‘Hard Cracks of the (Double) Cane.’ We suggest in that review that she comes to the CALSTAR studios, and spanks as many bottoms as have been provided for the day-shoots. She is available and can be seen as a Sub in several early MOONGLOW films. The more buxom O’Brien becomes a vigorous Top at CALSTAR.

The girls are marched inside, through a patio door and onto the CALSTAR white couch, curtain-walled set where many films have been made. Dublin will spank her daughter and her friend. Daughter Carrie goes OTK first, school skirt up, little (and thin) white panties. Sarah is spanked next, on her tight little pink panties. “You’ve been drinking all my alcohol.”

Carrie’s turn again. “You’re not pulling my panties down in front of Sarah…Mom!” Bare-bottom. Sarah then loses her panties. The usual raucous, scolding, and aggressive spanking style from Ms. O’Brien. Dublin tucks skirts and inspects both bottoms. “Not quite red enough.” She straps both girls.

Carrie lives there. She goes to get the thick kidney-bean shaped paddle. Both girls are paddled, then again with another. Some clothes start to come off. Carries discards her panties, Sarah takes off her skirt. Frontal flashes as the girls move about–both a shaved bald. More strapping.

“You’re both going to get the cane now….fetch me the cane.” Carrie bends over first. “I’m sorry, mum!” “Hold tight.” About 24 strokes, white lines on the rouged cheeks. Angles shift for repeats. Dublin snaps off with sharp strokes.

Sarah next, 35 strokes are shown for her. Dublin gets perhaps over-exuberant, but we love it. Gasping, repeats. Dublin hugs and forgives both girls. After all, she’s been here before herself.

Jacque’s Night of Pain – NUWEST

12 Jan

M/f; year: 2011; time: 21 minutes

A repackaged film from one of the distributors you can find here and there; probably a bit earlier than 2011, for ‘Jacque’ has been around a while here and Ed Lee looks on the decline.

Jacque walks onto the set and matter-of-factly strips to just stockings and heels. She is still in great shape! She plays with her boobs and pussy in an overt set display, definitely a latter-day evolution of NUWEST’S style.

An abrupt cut–Jacque is still naked, tied down to a table. Ed Lee lays on 60 cane strokes, counted aloud by Jacque, not hard–he is pulling punches a bit, but 60 is 60. For many of the strokes the view as at her pussy between her legs, her bubble bottom soaring as always.

Another cut, Jacque is strung up and Lee flogs her breasts, once again not hard, but lengthy enough for some red marks and discomfort. When she is released, there is a brief and historically uncharacteristic scene of her massaging her sore boobs.

In the last segment, Jacque is on her back, her knees drawn up and spread wide by ropes to the walls. Lee flogs her pussy from several angles. This session also ends with Jacque rubbing herself.

She dresses slowly and leaves, tending to her whipped bottom, boobs, and pussy on camera.

Lesbian Spankers – CALSTAR

12 Jan

2F/2f; time: 48 minutes

Two roommates will spank and tease each other in this silly American effort.

A pretty black girl is on the phone; her brunette roommate catches her wearing her lingerie and there begins a silly round of spanking and teasing, where the girls swap places and gradually discard clothing. The handspanking is tepid; the brunette rubs her roommate’s bottom with a small scrub brush, but that too is over-polite.

They decide to call a third girl to come over, join the fun, and “be prepared,” but she doesn’t show on this film.

The girls have been playing with dildos, one a standard battery-operated small banana size, and the other a lexan goliath which is mostly for show. The girls fuck each other, but that too is ineffectual.

Female Punishment #4 (Pleasure and Pain) -WILDAFRICACANINGS

9 Jan

F/f; 22 minutes

Films from this producer are difficult to come by. We’ve read they have been restricted or censored because of severity. We’d say the punishments here certainly rival that of LUPUS or MOOD, and lack the humor of LUPUS or melodrama of MOOD.

Brunette ‘Sharon’ is the prisoner and ‘Darlene’ is described as a ‘prison official,’ decked out B&D style in a silly guard’s uniform, a la PACIFIC FORCE or RAVEN HILL. Sharon is caught masturbating, in her cell at the ‘WAC Female Prison Center,’ using a sophisticated ribbed vibrator.

“Assume the position,” orders Darlene. The ‘disciplinary committee’ has authorized Darlene to punish Sharon in any way she sees fit. Tall Sharon is naked (the girls are allowed spaghetti strap heels in this prison).

She is placed in a rather inventive spanking device, worth a moment to describe. She kneels up on what looks like a simple plastic kitchen chair and bends all the way over its back so that her head hangs low. He arms are stretched out at 90 degree angles and fastened at the wrists and elbows. Her bottom is elevated and the highest part of her. Heels survive.

Darlene canes her in this helpless, vulnerable posture, hard and nasty. Sharon must call out the “stripe numbers.” Darlene traces the welts, which are clearly evident from oblique shots, with her fingers. Grunts and shouts.

“We are going to move to another position since you are enjoying this so much.” Still naked, Sharon’s wrists are fastened behind her and pulled up by a ceiling rope, strappado style. An extra long spreader between her ankles completes this revealing and compromising posture.

Darlene continues the caning and begins. The spreader bar must have been loosened or shortened, because Sharon begins to sway around the room under the cane. Low shots–huge welts. Nasty. Sharon manages a reflexive and nervous laugh. at the end.

Correctional Spanking – CALSTAR

8 Jan

M/2f; time: 50 minutes

Two sleazy blondes in separate jail cells. One mutters, “I spend more time in this dump than on the street.” A male guard enters, maybe the British CP actor ‘Anthony Lawton.’ He must have produced his own films, because this one is going to lack the zing all of them do.

“We’ve decided to take some disciplinary measures…you’d better get you ass ready for me.” He switches the girls from one cell to another, spanking and smacking. Much of the filming is done through the bars at awkward angles. Her their prison smocks, the girls wear some naughty underwear.

He gradually gets them mostly naked, but does nothing more than handspanking. These actresses made out on this shoot.

Keep It in the Family – REDSTRIPE

8 Jan

MF/2f; year: 1999; time: 1 hr 3 minutes

CP film producer ‘Ivor Gold’ stars with two extremely attractive actresses in a little domestic romp, about 30% longer than his average REDSTRIPE films in the 90’s.

Buxom reddish-brunette ‘Cassie’ plays ‘Peter’s’ wife. Buxom blonde ‘Julia,’ his sister-in-law or a friend of Cassie’s, will be living with them for a while. Cassie needs to explain to Julia how the household works. (We can already guess.) “These are pretty different rules,” Cassie chuckles. Peter believes in “discipline….a spanking for example….knickers down.” Using a strap or a cane. “I’ll show you,” suggests Cassie.

Julia goes OTK, skirt up, black panties. She spanks and takes the knickers down. “You name it, he’ll do it.” she chuckles. She gets spanked, and often, for just about anything. “He will find any reason to spank you.” Julia kneels on the settee for the paddle. Bottom fully red. “You permit him?” “Well, I have a very nice life.”

Dissolve to a new scene. Peter enters. “Welcome.” To Cassie. “Did you explain?” “Yes.” Peter will now jinn up some anger. Dinner was not ready, so for this he will spank
Cassie first. She knows the drill, raises her skirt, and goes OTK. Peter smacks much harder than Cassie showed Julia. He pulls her black panties down. She plays it up.

Cassie is allowed to get a paddle and we have brief frontal flashes as she moves about. On the settee, she gets the paddle and strap and can’t resist giggling. Peter: “I can’t believe you find this amusing.”

Peter will now spank Julia, whom he finds complicit in this domestic laziness. “Lift up your skirt.” Black panties, he notes he cannot see any marks from the spanking Cassie supposedly gave her. He spanks and fondles. Julia pretends to be embarrassed. Peter uses the paddle and strap–Cassie whisper encouragement. Peter shows her his cane, but won’t use it “today.” The two girls’ bottoms are strapped side by side. Both have spectacular bodies, but no more clothes are going to come off in this 1999 film.

Cassie will get some of the cane before dinner. He gives her seven strokes, hard, loud, and well-filmed. Peter wants Julia to see the marks, for later reference.

Later, the girls have messed up the house. They bounce about in sexy little dresses, lots of boob. Peter spanks Cassie first, and uses a hairbrush. “You’re going to get a thorough caning.” Her makes Julia count out the 18 strokes as he whacks Cassie. [sirens on the soundtrack]. She jumps at one. “That was very low.”

Julie is then caned; Cassie glances from the traditional corner pose. She’s not supposed to look. “I just wanted to see if you were going rub her bum. You ARE my husband.” 6 strokes from Peter, then Cassie must add six (and she does it well). Six more from Peter.

Cassie bends for another six, and last six for Julia. Bottoms-on-parade. The girls hug.


6 Jan

M/2f; year: 2011; time: 41 minutes

Three experienced adult-market actors, ‘Sarah Gregory,’ ‘Kat St. James,’ and ‘Tom Byron’ romp through this simple work, by founders Tony Elka and Eve Howard. Ms. Gregory has her own production, Ms. St. James wiggles her blonde bottom for several producers, and Byron is a storied adult actor and producer with one of the longest lists of films in the industry. He is about 50 years old here, still standing, and probably better served to be in CP.

I-“Detained for Discipline” the first vignette; Sarah and Kat play slightly older schoolgirls, held in detention by Byron. We have to assume they want what he wants. They deny being seen at a bar. Since both parents have signed waivers, it will be “corporal punishment or expulsion…come clean and we’ll get on with our day.”

Little blonde Kat is the first OTK, improbably cute in her little plaid skirt. Sarah laughs at the lines. Skirt up, white panties down, Byron, among other things, is a good spanker and fully engulfs her buttocks with a red hue. Panties are kicked loose.

Sarah gets the same spanking. Both stand at the blackboard and then are strapped bending over a table. This episode is a conventional schoolroom affair, but look at these two bottoms, exquisitely perfect.

II-‘Culpable Cousins’ Byron watches TV; the girls want to shop; they are warned not to return late, but they do.

Byron sends them to put on pajamas and return for punishment, setting up a decent pj scene for those fans. Sarah must bring the hair brush. The girls wear pink tops and bottoms.

Sarah OTK first, pink bottoms down, no panties, the hair brush makes this a nice domestic fetish scene. Kat gets the same–she’s tiny, her bottom more menaced by the big brush. Both girls then kneel for a strapping to conclude.

Josie’s Secretaries (Caught and Kaned) -MOONGLOW

6 Jan

M2F/2f; time: 1 hr. 20 minutes

A long film, made in association with ‘Top Marks’ and ‘Kane.’ Another film about the making of spanking films; a dome-type female,’Josie,’ receives a telephone order for a video ‘Naughty Schoolgirls.’ ‘Sharon,’ the office P.A., breezes in, late, and claims to have been doing the boss’s personal chores.

You would expect that in the business office of a CP film production company, there will be no hesitation about spanking the staff. After a brief argument: “I think you need to assume the position for now.” “Right.” Sharon does not argue. Bend-over, skirt up, a paddle-sole on full panties. She seems quite used to this. While Sharon must proofread her typing, her boss keeps spanking, panties down, a bigger black paddle and a harder leather sole. Welts begin.

Sharon kneels on a chair for the cane. Josie uses the entertaining tap-tap-snap style. “You really ought to think about appearing in the magazine…you’re got such a nice bum and it marks so well.” Sharon is sent to the corner, rubbing and smiling in amusement.

DISSOLVE. Josie is interviewing a blonde (actress ‘Emma Brown’) for office work. When she explains that CP may be used in the office, Emma comes up with a sheepish look she has entertained us with in many videos. The office “position” is explained and she is shown the implements. Might as well try her out to see if she can take it.

Hands-on-chair, skirt up, her tattoo front and center, black lace panties. Handspanking paddle and sole. Josie explains her knickers are not appropriate for the office–surprising, given this is a CP film company. “Sharon will have the right to discipline you.”

Emma kneels on a chair, then “astride” it for the tawse and paddle. “Can I rub?” “Since it’s your first time, yes, but we don’t allow rubbing of bottoms until the end.” A bigger black paddle, then two canes–10 strokes. This is just her interview!

BLACKOUT to the next day, Emma sits at work, a cat strokes casually through the scene. Sharon is already showing Emma her spelling errors. (Do you care about spelling when you order a CP film?) “Stand up and assume position.” Then OTK, skirt up, red panties Emma has always loved. Skirt unzipped. “I’m sure you are enjoying this. You are a sadist.”

“I’m going to take your underwear down. touch your toes.” Paddles and straps.

The doorbell rings. ‘Mr. Carter,’ in the person of the late Moonglow-regular actor ‘Tom Cooper,’ a customer, has dropped by to find his errant ordered video. He finds the package and threatens to call Josie unless Sharon and Emma agree to take a spanking from him. “I’m going to give you both a damn good thrashing.” (vs. being fired)

Sharon is spanked first. She snickers at the dialogue. Panties down. Then Emma (Cooper knew every contour of Brown’s bottom); both get the paddle and tawse.

Sharon is caned first, a long 30 strokes kneeling on a chair. He stops and rubs. “You’ve got a very tough bottom…do you get it regularly?” Carter knows he will be giving Emma her first office caning. A “six really good ones” for Sharon, then Emma kneels for her 25.

Bottoms on parade, then Carter leaves.

Jodi Cline Runs and Whips – NUWEST

5 Jan

year: 2005; time: 35 minutes

Imagination occasionally ran dry at NUWEST; blond model ‘Jodi Cline’ does the whipping here, on the NuWest lanai in the first segment; a cute blonde is tied naked to one of the poles, legs spread with a spreader bar, wearing just a thong.

Jodi, puffing on a cigarette, hikes up her own skirt to show her buttocks and thong then runs and whips the blonde’s back (only) in a 10 minute segment. Blood trickles toward the conclusion, realistic enough. [birds sing on the soundtrack]

‘Vanna’ brings a brunette out onto the lanai in a darkened scene. “Take your clothes off.” the brunette strips down to just heels; Vanna fastens her, wrists high on the post, legs spread by the bar. Vanna takes off her skirt and shows off a thong. She delivers the same back whipping.

Another scene for Jodi; a blonde is on the lanai, rubbing her bottom, having just received a hair brush spanking from Ed Lee. After a dissolve, she has taken off her top and Jodi delivers 50 with the whip.

In the final segment Jodi whips actress ‘Karen’ on the lanai, again mostly on the bare back but here some on the buttocks.