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Chloe Elise-Special Punishment – DALLASSPANKSHARD

25 Feb

M/f; year: 2007; time: 30 minutes

We have seen a few ‘Dallas Spanks Hard’ films, not nearly enough. Each has been very erotic, simple in format, containing some of the most attractive models you will find, and surely living up to the company’s name. The spankings are convincing. There are no histrionics.

Chloe Elise is a sultry auburn-blonde, virtually steaming in her pale blue sundress. She stands before us, full-figure, in almost a mug-shot stance. ‘Dallas’ is going to give her some special attention for something she has done. He demands she look at what is laid out in front of her- a padded wedge on a table forming a spanking trestle, and a collection of implements.

After a long scolding, it time for the dress to come off. Chloe turns her back to us, pulls the simple dress over her head, no bra, then carefully lowers white panties to her knees. Elegant ritual and a sight to see, a perfect pale un-sunburned bottom.

Absolutely naked, she climbs up onto the wedge, flashing a shaved front. Dallas takes off his belt and begins a slow whipping with that. Chloe is docile, apparently deserving this.

After some strap, there is a fade and Chloe’s wrists have been tied, then another dissolve and she lies flat on the table, one of those models whose bottom excels in this posture.

After some more strapping, Dallas creams her bottom slowly, then Chloe poses, naked, hands-on-head, in front of the mantelpiece. Zoom in.

Irreparable Damage – CALSTAR

25 Feb

F/2f; time: 56 minutes

‘Mrs Botson-Smith’ receives two girls at her home. She has retained them to repair and refinish a treasured family heirloom table. An improbable plot for a CP film–the girls aren’t dressed for messy work, and we have to wonder how many adult films have ‘Irreparable’ in the title?

The girls immediately screw up the table top–you knew they would. This is a spanking film. They spray it with what looks nothing more than Pledge. “The varnish is coming off.”

B-S discovers the damage. “It’s absolutely diabolical…my God!” she screams. The girls mutter that they think the table is a fake, but B-S will not be deterred. “You deserve a spanking.”

B-S takes the redhead OTK first. She is tall enough that her bottom soars on the madam’s lap. Black panties. And a very hard spanking, so early in the film. B-S pulls her panties down; these British CP filmmakers know how to do this stuff. For us, they almost never disappoint. And, we note, another absolutely great British bottom! We’ve said before, what is in the water? B-S fondles and works the panties lower on the girl’s legs.

The second girl’s turn, a brunette and even taller; after her spanking Mrs B-S positions the two bottoms side by side. Maybe this table is a fake–she is having a tad too much fun tormenting these girls. Jackets off, no pants, the girls face us, but the blockage is poor. [sirens on the soundtrack]

More bend-overs and smacking before the girls are sent to the “lounge,” a sitting room nearby, for more serious stages. “I don’t think you should get away with just a handspanking, do you?”

“Now to Stage Two.” To the brunette, “Pull your skirt up, your panties down….hardly any marks, not red at all!” The girl bends almost double at the couch, very athletic, for the CalStar black paddle, selected from an implement array on display. Mrs. B-S is ready! A solid paddling, and some teasing between the legs. At this point the brunette is told the take off the rest of her clothes, down to just stockings, and does a nice job a being embarrassed.

Bend-over for a big floppy strap; lots of squawking; estimable boobs hang; a slow spanking and teasing. “The final stage” for the brunette is the cane. “Believe me, this is going to hurt.” Almost 25 strokes are shown, various good angles, probably repeats. The girl can’t keep her bottom still, so some of the strokes are wild–welts and stripes. After she is ordered to spread her legs, and precisely, she gets a final 4.

The redhead’s turn. “Get that skirt off.” Same paddling; she too strips, top and red bra off, a tight body. The brunette sits naked, cross-legged, on a sofa, now casually watching. After two more straps, the caning. About 20 strokes, some wild also. Legs open, “Wider, girl!” for a final four. Nice results.

The girls dress slowly and leave, under the leering eye of Mrs. Botson-Smith. This couldn’t have been about a damaged table.

Katee’s First Spanking – DISCIPLINARYARTS

23 Feb

M/f; time: 23 minutes

A straightforward spanking film, with no plot to speak of, but with vivid and colorful results.

‘Katee’ is confronted by a man, lectured and scolded for a full 7 minutes. She is aware she is going to be spanked as part of the discipline. She is trying to cut out smoking, particularly marijuana.

Before the punishment begins, she must stand in the corner, hands on head, to contemplate. The man returns and she takes her position OTK lengthwise on a couch. He begins spanking, very hard, on her jeans. She catches her breath on the first smack.

Katee stands and the man works down her tight jeans; the results of the spanking so far stand out clearly on her bottom and thighs, mostly bare but for skimpy panties.

Back OTK, thong down, she begins a constant struggle at the 18 minute mark, as this barrage-spanking begins to overwhelm her. For a break, she is cornered again, bare bottom.

Now flat on the couch, the man flogs her hard and rapidly with a thick strap; she counts and cries out as fast as she can. “One..I will tell the truth..two…” for a total of 20 and a fully red bottom. She rolls and twists as she struggles to remain in position. They hug for a while to conclude.

Spanked and Shaved – PACIFICFORCE

23 Feb

MF/f; year: 1999; time: 25 minutes

A medical farce, which might be a redundant phrase when considering PACIFICFORCE.

‘Whitney Prescott’ and ‘Angel’ play a nurse and a patient. We are not sure who is whom. The floozy brunette nurse, wearing a stripper’s version of a nurse’s uniform, examines a blonde, who lies flat on her back on a hospital gurney. The examination consists of an explicit groping of her boobs. The blonde is encouraged to roll over onto her stomach and the nurse picks up a very menacing-looking hypodermic syringe.

When the girl absolutely refuses the injection (too bad!), “You leave me no choice. Now you get the treatment.” The nurse puts on rubber gloves and prepares a razor and soap water. “You’re going to shave my pussy?”

The shaving scene, in closeup, lasting about 4 minutes, would not be memorable but for the conclusion, where the blonde gets on her hands and knees so that the nurse and complete the shave from the back side.

The girl still refuses the injection, so the nurse begins an OTK spanking on the gurney. Silly acting, to put it courteously. The girl’s red polka dot panties, which disappeared earlier, have returned.

A male in hospital scrubs–the credits identify ‘Vinnie Split,’ a regular at PF. He takes over the spanking of the reluctant blonde, and he reaches back to smack the nurse in the background. He shifts to a paddle.

To conclude, he puts the two girls side by side over the gurney, bare bottom, for the strap, paddle, and hairbrush.

The Collegiate – OOHTEEKAY

20 Feb

F/f; time: 58 minutes

An odd little lesbian adventure, nothing more than a long OTK spanking in one scene; a tall blonde in inexplicable cap-and-gown greets a conservative brunette at her door. It seems this girl is in trouble at school and the alternatives are the usual–dismissal or acceptance of corporal punishment. The girl admits she understands that CP means spanking.

Two cats walk calmly about the residential set and one or both will be in most of the shots. The blonde steps off-screen, then returns, having removed her gown. She now displays some classic dominatrix garb–bustier, panties, garter belt, stockings, heels. She has a stack of spanking implements. The girl can’t suppress a smile at this corny sight.

The girl goes OTK and the blonde begins the spanking with a kitchen spoon on the girl’s jeans. But the girl is on the wrong side–“I’m right-handed,” for both the spanking stroke and the camera angle. This happens more often than you would expect in CP films, where rehearsal is apparently minimal.

Quite a few implements are deployed–the spoon, a Ping-Pong paddle, spatula-shaped paddle, fly swatter, foot-long thick wood paddle with holes, floppy strap, and a sole.

After the girl strips to bra and panties (a little thong, it is), more spoon, several paddles, and a short double-cane. After the girl is cornered for a minute or two, the undies come off and she is naked.

More OTK, legs spread, dirty feet (no carpet in the room). Bend over the couch for a flogger, a longer double-cane, and other tools. The domme rakes her bottom with fingernails.

Dance of the Cane – STRICTLYENGLISH

20 Feb

M/f; year: 2004; time: 46 minutes

A naughty and playful film, where a strip-club security officer manages to have some fun with one of the dancers, who he suspects is earning money on the side.

‘Karen,’ a solid-looking light-haired brunette, clearly with a lot of bottom to offer her customers, admits that she does “just strip-o-gram” assignments. She will show him her act. He closes the drapes of the sitting-room set and gets ready. She infuriates him by taking a call from a customer as they prepare for the fun.

Karen steps off-screen and returns in a stripper’s schoolgirl kit–a plaid skirt, knee sox, and a white blouse a bit too low-cut for high school. She twirls a cane and begins her stripper’s dance, accentuating the bend-over. We see lots of her white transparent panties. The demonstration becomes something of a lap dance as matters develop.

Karen squirms herself over his lap for the spanking to begin, hard enough to elicit little cries, lots of teasing banter, clearly fun for both of them. He bunches her panties and spanks her moderately sharply to an even pink-red glow. He lifts her over his shoulder, her little kilt-skirt has ridden up and he spanks her on her panties in front of a large wall mirror.

OTK, panties come down at the 18 minute mark–her little protests signal she is very much excited. He shifts to a slipper. She jumps around the room in mock discomfort.

At the 30 minute mark, the security guy flexes the cane. Hands-on a chair, panties puddled at her feet, she counts out 12 strokes, hard enough to cause stripes/welts/wheals. She takes a customer call and earns 6 more strokes.

The guy reiterates the deal they have made. “I don’t say anything and you don’t say anything.” Her stripes show through the gauzy panties when she pulls them back on, a nice closeup.

It would have been nice to see more of her, but this was an entertaining party-style spanking.

Spanking Therapist – CALSTAR

18 Feb

F/3f; time: 57 minutes

Another American ‘therapist’ storyline, here “alternative therapy” is practiced, where spankings are used to bring latent emotions to the surface.

The female therapist, who we described once as looking like the long-past actress Eve Arden, calls in a first patient, a trim little brunette who will light up the first third of this film. She has been having sexual fantasies about her girlfriend spanking her, but she can’t make it happen. The therapist will teach the movements and how to entice her lover to spank her.

“I’m going to pull some tools out.” The therapist instructs the girl how to signal if she can’t take it any more. Hands-on-desk, “You’re adorable.” True. Dress hem up, black polka dot bikini panties. The therapist rakes the girl’s buttocks with her fingernails and seems to check the director for reassurance. Some harmless paddling and teasing with a cane. Panties remain.

After more counseling, the girl will learn some submissive gestures. The therapist, now “Mistress” in their game, pulls off her dress, then “here go the undies.” The cute naked girl gets a martinet, paddle, and strap before the caning begins. Her back and bottom are 10 shades of pink.

About 35 mild cane strokes, many on the thighs, all the way down to the knees. After the girl is twirled naked for full views and her breasts are flogged, her session ends.

The therapist smokes another cigarette. Why is she so anxious, having to spank girls for a living all day? The next girl, a tattooed brunette, has had 10 sessions and doesn’t seem to emote well.

“We’re going to do something different. You’re going to have absolutely no control.” The therapist slips a blindfold over her head and helps her off with her dress. “More tattoos!” She is down to a white T-shirt, white lace boyshorts, garter belt and stockings. There is an unexplained FADE in the action, and the bra and top are gone. They must have had trouble undressing her. More handspanking, martinet and paddle, all standing.

Another inexplicable FADE–the panties, garters, stockings, and blindfold are now gone. Mild caning, pink bottom. The girl lies on the floor face up, to be teased and flicked with the cane.

A third spanking is squeezed into the last 9 minutes of the film. An angelic, crystal brunette needs to get her boyfriend to spank her. Red panties, black bra. The same implements.

These Girls Must Be Caned – BRITISHSPANKING

18 Feb

M/2f; time: 37 minutes

Two “schoolgirls” are spanked on a sort of Vaudevillian set, a blacked-out stage with a few classroom props. The male disciplinarian will show little of his face; he wears academic robes.

‘Mary Anne’ will be spanked first. She is average-looking, that is, until she has taken her clothes off. After some perfunctory scolding, she goes OTK, school skirt up, white knickers quickly down. After this preliminary, she stands and bends forward onto a tall lectern for the tawse, panties down again, this time with gusto by the professor.

While the professor twirls a cane, Mary Anne is ordered to strip naked, which she does with some embarrassment, trying to cover herself. Back over the lectern, he begins moderate strokes. “Are you counting these?” Whimpers. “Yes.” About 12 strokes, then she apologies for her transgressions–leaving campus, smoking, her studies.

‘Sophie,’ a blonde, is next. She is soon OTK on this stage. The professor sees to her knickers. Over the lectern for a strap. When she strips naked, she pauses at her panties with a beseeching glance. Good frontals as she faces the disciplinarian. Over the lectern, she has a solid, muscular bottom and strong thighs. About 15 strokes, zoom in on the damage. She can’t help watching and jumping at some strokes, earning some do-overs. Impressive wheals and some skin pops at the conclusion.

Boy Spanks Girl 1 – SHADOWLANE

13 Feb

M/f; year: 1995; time: 33 minutes

“The Blind Date”: Actors ‘Kristie Imboch’ and adult star ‘Tom Byron’ in a playful, early SHADOWLANE.

Little blonde Kristie and Tom are on a “date,” and there is a mild misunderstanding. Tom thought he was going to be able to give her a spanking, but she refuses.

She claims to have been spanked “40 or 50 times,” which Byron doubts to her face. “Will you play or won’t you?” He gradually coaxes her over his lap in sexy little foreplay. When he begins spanking fairly hard on her skirt, she can no longer clearly speak her lines.

Dress hem up, pretty sky blue panties, garter belt, and stockings. Tom notes her bottom is already turning red. He wants her to agree her panties can come down, and he will smack her thighs until she consents. Down they come. Most of the spanking is filmed in profile, which permits shots of her pretty face and kicking feet. There are occasional rear closeups.

After some spanking with a hairbrush, she stands and takes off her dress. “Are you embarrassed?” “Yes,” and she admits she likes the feeling. Kristie kneels on the couch, in just bra and garters for the floppy strap, then bend-over for 10 from the cane. Frontal flashes of unusual tawny fuzz. more of the paddle.

“Ready to go upstairs?” “On a first date?” Off they go.

Christmas Vacation With Aunt Marion – JULESANDMIKETANNER

13 Feb

F/2f; time: 47 minutes

An American production from ‘Strictly Spanking Videos,’ unusually good production values and acting, but the spankings are on the modest side. The film opens with a placid exterior residential shot.

‘Melanie’ and ‘Anthea’ will be sent to their ‘Aunt Marion’ for two weeks’ discipline on their Christmas school break, because their mother can’t handle them. Mother tells them, “She believes in spanking. I used Dr. Spock.”

The girls arrive at Aunt Marion’s and are shown House Rules on a white board, standard deportment, except for the punishment. “I believe in spanking, bare bottom spanking.” “You’re joking!” they exclaim. “Yes, I can beat your bare asses.”

The girls are sent upstairs to get out of their rather racy travel clothes and put on “uniforms’ for the household.

Then, an odd twist for a CP film. An exterior shot of a WALMART, then the girls shopping on an aisle with Marion, where they have to select a hairbrush; narration informs us they were forced to tell the cashier they were going to spanked with it.

New scene–Melanie has returned home late, so she is then sent upstairs to put on a special “punishment outfit,” consisting of loose panties, a vest, and knee socks. Downstairs again, Marion pulls down her panties and marches her back upstairs, providing another bare-bottom stairway shot for us. She gets her spanking punishment in her bedroom.

One of the house rules was: any daytime spanking means another in pajamas at bedtime. In a new scene, the girls are in two-piece teddy-bear type pj’s. Marion takes her bottoms down for another spanking. The girls hug and console.

Anthea is seen being caught sneaking a smoke in the yard, another prohibition on the white board. she gets her spanking and the nighttime pj’s routine. The girls cream each other’s bottoms.

Another offense is depicted. The girls have to put on school uniforms and get the ruler on their bottoms, bare of course.

The girls leave after two weeks. Aunt Marion waves goodbye.