Dinner Party – REDSTRIPE

3 Feb

4M2F/2f; time: 38 minutes

A jocular evening of wine at a large dinner table, where the frivolity is provided by the spanking of two of the women present.

It seems that ‘Angela’ and her friend ‘Louise’ have been having sex. Angela’s husband is going to offer up the bottoms of both girls to be spanked at the party, Angela for cheating on him and Louise for lying about it. The girls don’t seem to object. Maybe this is not such a high price to pay.

The dinner party guests, familiar REDSTRIPE characters, are chaired by CP impresario ‘Ivor Gold.’ Angela and Louise are brought forward and bent over the near end of the dinner table. They will be spanked in turn by four men and two women.

The first round will be handspanks on the girls’ satin boyshorts. The husband begins with 6 smacks to each girl; ‘Stephen’ (Ivor Gold) follows; the blonde ‘Allison’; ‘Roger’; ‘Rita’; and last, ‘Daniel.’

The husband kicks off the second round by pulling down both pairs of shorts for the group to take turns.

On bare skin now, the third round is a leather strap.

For the fourth round, Angela climbs onto the table and gets into the diaper position. But something goes wrong–it hurts too much or is too uncomfortable, because the spanking stops and she rolls onto her stomach for the remainder of the strapping. Louise also lies flat on the table.

“Now for the grand finale….Louise…take your clothes off.” She has a stupendous body. Her headlight boobs are kept in the foreground. Angela strips also and both girls receive moderate canings from the group.

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