Miss Baker’s Dozen – CONNOISSEUR

4 Feb

MF/3f; year: 2006;Time: 1 hr, six minutes

Student teacher ‘Miss Baker,’ played by actress ‘Sarah Harvey Lewis,’ is not much further out of spanking reach from the headmaster than her students are.

Baker is on the carpet with that headmaster, having been observed “touching the girls intimately” on a field trip. The film cuts to another scene, with two willowy blondes, wearing just bras, panties, and heels, caress in lesbian embrace. One actress is ‘Samantha Johnson.’

Baker catches them. Their excuse: “Just a cuddle, miss.” A great opportunity for Baker here–two almost naked girls with no leverage. Baker will spank Sam first, a bend-over, grabbing the ankles for a handspanking. A lot of wiggling of this nofty, often-filmed bottom. Baker pulls her black panties down-she helps herself to caressing, probing, and kissing. If the girls behave, Baker won’t report this incident.

Sam’s friend ‘Jamie’ is next–she is bursting out of her bra.

Fade back to the headmaster and Baker. He will deal with Baker for her transgressions, in-house. “This office is where it is going to stay.” She will be spanked, just like a student, and the girls will witness, to satisfy them justice has been done.

The girls report, in full schoolgirl gear, even straw boaters. They will witness Baker’s punishment, but first they will be spanked. He gives them both slow spankings on the bare, a bit too much fondling, suggesting his agenda.

Baker joins and sees the two spanked bottoms. She is now in full kit too, not quite carried off by the more mature-appearing Ms. Lewis. The headmaster gives her the same punishment, OTK and straps. Now there are three red bottoms.

He will now begin an odd OTK caning, with a half-length cane which permits a still restricted backswing. It must have been evident this didn’t work, because a trestle is dragged out, the buxom blonde Jamie bends over first, and takes 20 conventional cane strokes, the hardest yet. Miss Baker, at the wall, shows anxiety. “I’m concerned for my charges, sir.” She’ll probably more concerned about her own bottom.

“Miss Baker, come here.” She gets six over the trestle. the girls must turn to observe. Blond Sam is last, over the trestle for the strap, then six of the cane holding ankles.

He is going leave and allow Sam to “give Baker a thrashing.” Himself, he takes the magnificent cupcake Jamie to the gym, to give her yet more caning for the tramp stamp tattoo he has discovered during the action. He should have some fun with her there.

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