Maid to Serve – CHEEKY

5 Feb

2M/4f; time: 1 hr 11 minutes

The longest CHEEKY ‘Brigella’ film we have seen, and the best. The story takes place in an urban mansion, flying a flag which makes it look like an embassy. Some interior shots suggest the producer had access to some palatial residence.

‘Sir Henry,’ master of the house, is served by a butler and 3 maids in long flowing Victorian dress. Maid Brigella, as ‘Rose,’ fumbles to open the drapes for Sir Henry. the butler Jenkins escorts in visitor ‘George,’ who suggests, when Sir Henry complains about his incompetent staff, that “thrashings’ tend to work.

At that moment, some crockery is smashed in the hall. A second maid, with the shards in her apron, is brought in. When the fragments spill, visitor George will demonstrate to Henry just how effective a thrashing can be. He takes her OTK on a settee in the high-ceiling palatial room, long skirt rucked up, slip and bloomers down, to get to bare skin. A solid spanking.

Back below-stairs, the butler challenges Rose and a third maid ‘Mary’ (the actress ‘Dublin O’Brien’) as to just who broke the plate. “I’ve got to deliver one of you to Sir Henry.” Rose confesses. First, Jenkins will have the girls spank each other and he will have a go himself.

After that confusing interplay, Jenkins drags Rose up to Sir Henry by her ear. She is taken OTK again, her bottom found through the garments, and the men take turns. Jenkins is sent to George’s coach to fetch an “implement from China.” Jenkins returns with a thick grip-handle cane.

Rose bends over a table and takes 15 strokes on the bare, the men alternating. Her thighs quiver reflexively, a trait of this actress praised by spankos. This is one of the best canings we have seen the actress Brigella take. She runs off.

Back in quarters, Rose turns on Mary and spanks her. We admit being confused as to who is spanking whom and where the hierarchy lies. Jenkins interrupts and when he discovers it was actually Mary who broke the plate, he takes HER upstairs to the gentlemen.

A third maid, head maid ‘Emily,’ is now attending in the room. The men get Mary’s bottom bare, loosen her corset, and give her over 30 strokes of the cane in a long a well-done segment.

The scene fades to a new scene. The men are discussing this domestic kerfuffle (and their own good fortune). They summon head maid Emily. She will be punished for this general staff incompetence. After some OTK spanking and paddling by both men: “Take this dress off…off with it!”
Dress off (with some help from Jenkins), slip and bloomers off, Emily stands in just corset and stockings, not as embarrassed to show her jewels as you would have expected.

The men paddle her first, then the caning begins. The men alternate again, 12 strokes from each, then another 6 from each, 36 in all. Emily gasps and sniffles realistically. The sessions are slowed to allow her to recover. Closeups show wheals and skin pops. She collects her clothes and runs off.

Spankings occur all over this manse, and there seem to be paddles and straps available everywhere.

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