Dressed For Punishment – Oohteekay

10 Feb

F/f; time: 39 minutes

A ‘Miss Gillian Lancer’ Uniform Discipline film; a tall thin pigtailed blond student adjusts her schoolgirl clothing–jumper, tie, blazer, skirt, knickers. She is on the familiar classroom set, awaiting ‘Miss Daley,’ played by Gillian Lancer.

Daley enters, scolding and stalking the girl. Between the heavy Scottish brogue and an annoying echo in the room, we can’t hear much of the dialogue. there is a lot of talk.

Daley begins preparing her for the punishment–helping her off with her blazer and her jumper. Daley finds a boy’s necktie in her blazer, which incites her even more. The girl’s little skirt is pinned up, exposing regulation dark blue full knickers. After a short OTK spanking, hard enough to get things started, the blond girl is sent out of the room to fetch the cane.

The blond returns toying with the cane, seeming rather nonchalant about the whole thing. She unfastens her rucked up skirt and hands it over. The first caning begins. The girl bends over a school desk and takes 6 fast moderate strokes on her knickers.

Hands-on-head at the blackboard, the blonde pulls down her knickers to inspect the damage–wheals already evident.

“Later That Evening” Screen graphic. The blonde lies on her bed in her spare dormitory space, nursing her bottom, even through she has had only six strokes so far. Daley enters and pulls down her pants to see for herself.

Daley helps the girl off with her blouse–down to a gymslip. After a crisp OTK spanking with a hairbrush, the blonde is ready for more caning. Hands on the bed, “Stick out your backside.” six more sharp cracks, still on her knickers. Daley checks the marks, which certainly are developing.

Daley helps the girl pull on a knee-length nightshirt and takes her panties from her. Another bend-over, nightshirt flipped up, six more cane strokes, this time on the bare for the first time. After more scolding, a last six on the bare, 24 strokes all told. Zoom on significant wheals, wild and a bit random, consistent with the various positions.

The girl sobs in bed. Some screens are repeated “through a keyhole.”

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