Double Date – SHADOWLANE

11 Feb

2M/2f; year: 1991; time: 1 hr 5 minutes

Clunky, early SHADOWLANE, and harmless, illustrating how much evolution was in store for CP fetish films. ‘Chelsea Pfeiffer’ is credited here as ‘Chelsea Tarsis.’ The story involves silly parlor-room spankings, maybe the kind where you could drop the tape into the VCR and emulate the story.

The film is subtitled “Let’s Get Gretta into Trouble.” ‘Brian Tarsis’ catches Chelsea setting up fattening snacks for the arrival of friends ‘Gretta Carlson’ and ‘Ralph Marvel.’ Since they have some time, he will give Chelsea what he calls a “cautionary spanking,” a playful tussle on their couch. This may have been one of Chelsea Pfeiffer’s earliest films.

Gretta and Ralph arrive, Gretta rather provocative in bikini top and shorts. They have a mock argument, and the party festivities begin with Ralph taking Gretta OTK in front of all. Shorts down, thong down.

The informality of the filming is illustrated by two cats, which walk and lounge casually in the shots. Turnabout occurs–Ralph spanks Chelsea and Brian spanks Gretta. Then the girls spank each other.

All harmless stuff, no nudity, just bare bottoms. The earliest of cinematography in the hand-held video era.

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