Overstepping the Mark – REDSTRIPE

11 Feb

2F/3f; year: 2000; time: 35 minutes

A surprising gem we discovered in the RedStripe/Oohteekay Ivor Gold collection. What appears to be a formulaic classroom schoolgirl CP plot turns out to contain some rollicking caning all around. Girls on girls; no bottom escapes.

Head Girl ‘Rachel’ appoints ‘Suzanne’ to assist her as a provisional Prefect. Suzanne is proud and not a little delighted to accept, because she knows the post comes with some powers to administer limited corporal punishment, and she has plans.

In the next scene, Suzanne marches a classmate friend of hers onto the familiar RedStripe classroom set. Auburn-haired ‘Paula’ is affronted that her former chum is now so uppity. “I’ve got the authority to deal with you,” declares Suzanne. OTK, Suzanne begins a surprisingly hard handspanking, far up the RedStripe intensity scale. White panties come down. “Lift up,” asks Suzanne and Paula submissively complies. Hard smacks to her buttocks AND thighs.

“Now I’m going to give you the strap.” “You’re not allowed to.” Hard, full high-shoulder swings of the strap, unusual from REDSTRIPE. “Ow, please Suzanne.” The vigorous swings glance off Paula’s bottom and ring on the wood stool. She counts out the last 12.

Head Girl Rachel bursts in. “What exactly do you think you are doing?” Suzanne has exceeded her authority. “She does deserve it. I will complete the punishment, then I will punish you….I trusted you.”

Rachel picks up and swooshes the cane. Paula hears it. “Oh Rachel, not the cane, please.” She gets 18 solid strokes, counted aloud, and then 6 more even harder, because she rubbed without permission.

Now it is Prefect Suzanne over the stool. Rachel starts with a handspanking on white panties, which come down. The strap next, but not as hard as Suzanne does it. Paula is enjoying Suzanne’s comeuppance–her own knickers fall lower as she watches. Rachel shifts to the cane, but after 14 hard strokes a faceless male interrupts these proceedings. It seems now that Rachel has exceeded HER Head Girl authority.

Everyone gets revenge in this film. The male teacher will allow Suzanne to punish Rachel. Over the same stool for her, black panties down, very aggressive stuff from Suzanne, handspanking and strap. “Is this OK. sir?” “Yes, that’s fine.” Suzanne finishes with the cane, 12 almost wicked strokes, again surprising for REDSTRIPE. The teacher, on thought, decides another final six, even harder, are necessary. Vivid marks. “Sir?” “You can put the cane down now.”

The teacher orders the girls to line up, backs to us, skirts up, “those knickers down.” They must stand like that for a half-hour. Hugs to conclude.

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