Katee’s First Spanking – DISCIPLINARYARTS

23 Feb

M/f; time: 23 minutes

A straightforward spanking film, with no plot to speak of, but with vivid and colorful results.

‘Katee’ is confronted by a man, lectured and scolded for a full 7 minutes. She is aware she is going to be spanked as part of the discipline. She is trying to cut out smoking, particularly marijuana.

Before the punishment begins, she must stand in the corner, hands on head, to contemplate. The man returns and she takes her position OTK lengthwise on a couch. He begins spanking, very hard, on her jeans. She catches her breath on the first smack.

Katee stands and the man works down her tight jeans; the results of the spanking so far stand out clearly on her bottom and thighs, mostly bare but for skimpy panties.

Back OTK, thong down, she begins a constant struggle at the 18 minute mark, as this barrage-spanking begins to overwhelm her. For a break, she is cornered again, bare bottom.

Now flat on the couch, the man flogs her hard and rapidly with a thick strap; she counts and cries out as fast as she can. “One..I will tell the truth..two…” for a total of 20 and a fully red bottom. She rolls and twists as she struggles to remain in position. They hug for a while to conclude.

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