Spanked and Shaved – PACIFICFORCE

23 Feb

MF/f; year: 1999; time: 25 minutes

A medical farce, which might be a redundant phrase when considering PACIFICFORCE.

‘Whitney Prescott’ and ‘Angel’ play a nurse and a patient. We are not sure who is whom. The floozy brunette nurse, wearing a stripper’s version of a nurse’s uniform, examines a blonde, who lies flat on her back on a hospital gurney. The examination consists of an explicit groping of her boobs. The blonde is encouraged to roll over onto her stomach and the nurse picks up a very menacing-looking hypodermic syringe.

When the girl absolutely refuses the injection (too bad!), “You leave me no choice. Now you get the treatment.” The nurse puts on rubber gloves and prepares a razor and soap water. “You’re going to shave my pussy?”

The shaving scene, in closeup, lasting about 4 minutes, would not be memorable but for the conclusion, where the blonde gets on her hands and knees so that the nurse and complete the shave from the back side.

The girl still refuses the injection, so the nurse begins an OTK spanking on the gurney. Silly acting, to put it courteously. The girl’s red polka dot panties, which disappeared earlier, have returned.

A male in hospital scrubs–the credits identify ‘Vinnie Split,’ a regular at PF. He takes over the spanking of the reluctant blonde, and he reaches back to smack the nurse in the background. He shifts to a paddle.

To conclude, he puts the two girls side by side over the gurney, bare bottom, for the strap, paddle, and hairbrush.

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