A Lesson From Miss Evans – STINGINTHETAIL

25 Feb

F/2f; year: 2001; time: 1 hr 2 minutes

The standard format schoolgirl spanking story, but still satisfying. Two girls, in gray pinafore, tie, blouse, knee socks (knickers to be determined), fidget outside ‘Miss Evans’ office. They get the courage to knock and are called in. How many hallway scenes have we seen like this?

The girls are directed to sit at clunky school desks in Evans’ office, while she recites the offenses which have been forwarded to her. Evans is an older ‘matron’ type, wearing an academic cap, a mortar board. Brunette ‘Louise’ and blond ‘Jane’ are going to get what they’re told is “extra coaching.” We know what that means, but the girls pretend not to.

We’ll be having a spelling bee; the penalty for failure we know. The most colorful depiction of this storyline we recall well, a very early “Blushes” film, ‘Detention Room,’ where errant students have to pin up their skirts, drop their knickers, and take strokes from ageplay older gentlemen as they miss test questions.

Jane can’t spell ‘atrocious,’ but Louise can. Jane, a thin and striking blonde, is taken OTK, skirt up, sky-blue full knickers, for a brief spanking. Louise fails on ‘disgusting,’ but Jane gets it, so Louise get her OTK on white polka dot panties. The spankings are moderate, slow, and ritualistic.

The girls keep missing and the spankings escalate. Miss Evans takes the panties down. Both girls have to bend over their desks for a large leather paddle.

“You’re going to have to have a final punishment…the cane.” The girls are directed to take off their pinafores. Janes bends over first. “Now you can pull your panties down.” She counts out 12 moderate strokes.

Louise is next and pulls her knickers down without request. “Take them off.” 12 strokes for her too. But Evans is not satisfied and so not finished. She gives each girl 12 more strokes, and then still another “six of the best.” A total of 30 for each girl, hard enough to leave some reminder for later.

One Response to “A Lesson From Miss Evans – STINGINTHETAIL”

  1. Willy February 25, 2020 at 5:53 pm #

    Good review as ever. It’s always good to see schoolmistresses in gowns and mortar boards as it adds to the authenticity of formal discipline. The initial spankings are however not at all authentic in this video. They consist of gentle pats over skirts which is surely not in line with Miss Evans’ reputation as a serious disciplinarian.

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