Irreparable Damage – CALSTAR

25 Feb

F/2f; time: 56 minutes

‘Mrs Botson-Smith’ receives two girls at her home. She has retained them to repair and refinish a treasured family heirloom table. An improbable plot for a CP film–the girls aren’t dressed for messy work, and we have to wonder how many adult films have ‘Irreparable’ in the title?

The girls immediately screw up the table top–you knew they would. This is a spanking film. They spray it with what looks nothing more than Pledge. “The varnish is coming off.”

B-S discovers the damage. “It’s absolutely diabolical…my God!” she screams. The girls mutter that they think the table is a fake, but B-S will not be deterred. “You deserve a spanking.”

B-S takes the redhead OTK first. She is tall enough that her bottom soars on the madam’s lap. Black panties. And a very hard spanking, so early in the film. B-S pulls her panties down; these British CP filmmakers know how to do this stuff. For us, they almost never disappoint. And, we note, another absolutely great British bottom! We’ve said before, what is in the water? B-S fondles and works the panties lower on the girl’s legs.

The second girl’s turn, a brunette and even taller; after her spanking Mrs B-S positions the two bottoms side by side. Maybe this table is a fake–she is having a tad too much fun tormenting these girls. Jackets off, no pants, the girls face us, but the blockage is poor. [sirens on the soundtrack]

More bend-overs and smacking before the girls are sent to the “lounge,” a sitting room nearby, for more serious stages. “I don’t think you should get away with just a handspanking, do you?”

“Now to Stage Two.” To the brunette, “Pull your skirt up, your panties down….hardly any marks, not red at all!” The girl bends almost double at the couch, very athletic, for the CalStar black paddle, selected from an implement array on display. Mrs. B-S is ready! A solid paddling, and some teasing between the legs. At this point the brunette is told the take off the rest of her clothes, down to just stockings, and does a nice job a being embarrassed.

Bend-over for a big floppy strap; lots of squawking; estimable boobs hang; a slow spanking and teasing. “The final stage” for the brunette is the cane. “Believe me, this is going to hurt.” Almost 25 strokes are shown, various good angles, probably repeats. The girl can’t keep her bottom still, so some of the strokes are wild–welts and stripes. After she is ordered to spread her legs, and precisely, she gets a final 4.

The redhead’s turn. “Get that skirt off.” Same paddling; she too strips, top and red bra off, a tight body. The brunette sits naked, cross-legged, on a sofa, now casually watching. After two more straps, the caning. About 20 strokes, some wild also. Legs open, “Wider, girl!” for a final four. Nice results.

The girls dress slowly and leave, under the leering eye of Mrs. Botson-Smith. This couldn’t have been about a damaged table.

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