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Lady Vernon Strikes Again -CALSTAR

27 Mar

F/2f; year: 2002; time: 54 minutes

We continue our reviews of vintage CP films, available on many pay-per-view sites. The dominatrix ‘Stephanie’ in one of three ‘Lady Vernon’ films we have seen, distributed by CALSTAR. The actress spanks very hard in all her films, and speaks in the low breathy tones of the classic CP dommes. Here she plays a disciplinarian-for-hire.

Female police officer ‘WPC Hamilton’ calls Lady Vernon and asks if she will deal with a particularly recalcitrant miscreant she has on her hands, blond “Justine.’ Lady Vernon arranges a time, and asks that the girl be brought to her “out-house,” because she has guests in the manor. She will step away for a few minutes to attend to the matter. “Who’s this Lady Vernon?” “You’ll find out.”

Lady Vernon ushers them into the bricked-lined room CALSTAR has used in a number of films, ‘Luncheon Lashes,’ ‘Monastery of Misery,’ and ‘Caning International,’ three favorites which come to mind. The hard walls clatteringly reverberate the spankings. Lady Vernon goes to the main house and returns with an armload of spanking implements, which she could have done before, but this is more theatrical. The smirk on Justine’s face when she sees the instruments suggests she has now figured out just what this Vernon does. “This is your last resort,” explains officer Hamilton.

Vernon takes Justine OTK. Hamilton will hold her down. About six minutes of heavy hard handspanking, skirt up, thong down. Justine struggles as the intensity mounts. She is forced over the back of the couch by the two women, for two straps. A fully red bottom is achieved and quivering begins.

“And you, Justine, will now strip…now!” A tight, neat little body, a few tattoos, some peach fuzz. Hands-on-couch for the cane. 30 hard strokes from Vernon–the actress loves doing it. Probably repeats, nipples harden, a very visible quivering. This concluded Justine’s punishment. Vernon addresses Hamilton: “Wait for me. I’ll be back in a moment.”

Lady Vernon returns to the main house, calls the police to report completion of the assignment and is angered to learn the spanking was not approved and that she will not be paid for it. But she does make an arrangement concerning WPC Hamilton, who exceeded her authority.

She returns and tells Hamilton “Your directions were out of bounds.” “I am going to deal with you exactly in the same fashion.” Even though WPC Hamilton protests there was nothing else which could be done with Justine, she is still going to get her own dose. “Your superiors have instructed me to do this.”

OTK, skirt up, thong down. “It’s humiliating.” Of course. Hamilton manages to keep her little police cap perched as the spanking progresses. she is a tall and thin redhead, with granny glasses. Hands on the couch for the paddle and strap.

Now it is her turn to strip naked. A tiny wisp of mohawk. The actress excels at being nude. She bends over for the cane, also 30 strokes–very entertaining as she jumps and surges between them, struggling to return to position. Very much like Justine, her bottom is a glorious striped sight at the conclusion. Slow dressing, a long nude scene.

Caning International – CALSTAR

27 Mar

F/2f; time: 52 minutes

Two self-contained stories on the same theme; actress ‘Stephanie’ plays the role of a supervisor/disciplinarian, charged with punishing female missionaries who have broken the rules. An interesting plot–there might be a steady stream of work for her.

Part 1, 29 minutes; this simple film is well-made, good sound and lighting, decent acting, and surprising care to set design, and, as whenever the dominatrix Stephanie is on the scene, crisp and sizzling spanking. We’ve wondered before–do the models have a feeling of dread when they see Stephanie on the cast list?

Blond ‘Mary’ reports to Stephanie. She’s been detected “fornicating” with a tribal “prince.” (There is reasonably good African art on display in Stephanie’s office.) Mary is not exactly an African violet, wearing a tight orange two piece outfit with a bare midriff, not the image of a “westerner” Stephanie thinks she should be. “You know what the punishment is in this place…I’m going to wipe that smile off your face.”

OTK, orange skirt up, appropriate leopard-print panties, which Stephanie soon tugs down. Another long and hard handspanking from her, including effective over-the-shoulder shots. Red blotching, no fakery here. Mary is sent to the brick corner. “Remove your clothing…I have further punishment for you, chastisement with instruments from the prince himself.” Mary takes off her top, bra, and panties and clatters about on the hardwood floor in just her platform heels. The actress can’t help checking with the film crew, all of them, to see if they like her naked. We do.

Mary shrinks back a bit when she sees the paddles and cane. She kneels on the striped straight chair always used on this set for the black paddle, then bends over a table for a stiff spanker. Stephanie really does spank as hard as you will see at CALSTAR, in the league with ‘Miss Brown’ or ‘Miss Chambers.’ Mary needs to rub–frontals.

“Touch your toes” for the cane. Mary struggles to bend over that far. She takes about 20 strokes–the ferocity appears a surprise to her. Sniffles, quivering. “Have you learnt your lesson?” Her banged-up bottom shows a pattern of welts reflecting the shape of each of the implements used.

Part 2 involves another ‘missionary,’ ‘Marnie,’ who has apparently been exchanging personal favors for extra rations and liquor. She is not going to give up the name of the man servicing her, so Stephanie will go to work.

“You know the procedure, Marnie.” OTK, skirt up, black panties. The same hard spanking, high swings, panties down. Marnie stands–she must now strip also. Skirt and blouse off, bra off, “knickers too.” Black fuzz. Hands-on-head, very submissive and helpless. Hands-on-chair. “Stick your bottom out.” The black paddle and a hard round stiffened leather paddle. This spanking elicits quivering and dripping tears.

The caning–about 18 strokes. It appears the model broke down and the session was truncated. Marnie must return tomorrow, wither with the name of the man or more spanking.


27 Mar


Part 2 begins with spankings underway (a base-skin start from Part 1); a thin blonde, the ‘babysitter,’ is spanking a curly-haired blonde, daughter ‘Marilyn,’ who is wearing just panties. The blonde kisses Marilyn’s bottom–this is more than a spanking, when ‘Daddy’ interrupts. “I don’t know what came over me,” sputters the babysitter.

“Where’s Nicky”? asks Daddy, and in walks the actress ‘Nicky Montford,’ herself in just panties. A lot is going on in this household, both daughters in little knickers, which may be explained in part 1.

Father takes daughter Marilyn OTK and continues–handspanking, strap, and slipper. He then canes her–tap-tap, in this OTK posture. Next, father spanks the babysitter. No one is much disturbed by anything here. A lot of squeezing, fondling, rubbing. The babysitter drops her white dress, and is not wearing a bra, only lacy white panties.

The babysitter stands to discard her panties, making sure we see it all. Bend-over for a strap–she’s got a pussy ring. She keeps smiling through it all, even when her employer slaps the front of her thighs with a sole. He even uses a martinet between her legs. Then cane taps, some mild birching, and cream for her bottom.

Daughters Nicky and Marilyn return in their two-piece pajamas. The father and the babysitter (who is still naked), spank them together OTK; pj’s bottoms dropped, tops off, three nude girls on the screen. Pretty confusing all in all, but everyone must have gotten their rocks off.

Punishment Files – MOONGLOW

24 Mar

time: 60 minutes

15 short spanking segments; each self-contained, most have MOONGLOW graphic titles, and most feature one of the ‘Moonglow Girls’; we do not recognize any episodes as being excerpted from the larger MOONGLOW catalogue. If you crave your CP to cut quickly to the action, these segments will please you, although MOONGLOW still pays homage to the intimate cues which create the eroticism of the spanking fetish. But if you share our predilection and enjoy a bit of plot and foreplay, you can fantasize what stories could be wrapped around these climactic scenes.

Three segments featuring the tall brunette model ‘Nicky Montford,’ reputedly one of the toughest bottoms in the business, in ‘Spanked in the Kitchen,’ ‘Cadet Robinson,’ and ‘Swimming Pool Prankster.’ In the kitchen, when Nicky loses her apron, she is naked underneath. As a cadet, she is caned over a steamer trunk. At the pool, she is caned in her red bikini.

Cadet Robinson:

Two brief episodes featuring our perennial favorite ‘Alison’ or ‘Liza Payne,’ or other screen names, but just that one bottom. And she is all-bottom for two more scenes into our collection, ‘The Doctor’s Receptionist’ and ‘the Nosey Maid.’ We’d like to think that when you get Ms. Payne into the studio you don’t let her go until she has reached her limit.

Two segments with no facials, ‘Tanned Tart’ and ‘The Tawsed Waitress.’ Paddling, nudity, hanging boobs.

Several long segments using the spinning newspaper headline graphic in the ‘Extra! Extra!’ style. ‘Nurse Spanked-Prescription Muddled Up,’ MOONGLOW plays on their uniform fetish to discipline a sloppy nurse–a doctor gets her almost naked for her education. ‘A Sound Caning-Late For Hockey’ features a quaking little brunette playing the ingenue worthy of an old ROUE, having to discard parts of her school uniform and getting the cane over a trestle.

‘Pajama Caning-climbing out a dorm window,’ a strong entrant for those who like spankings in pajamas. A Head Girl scolds a student and then arranges to punish her later that evening. The girl reports in blue silk pajamas, kneels on two back-to-back chairs–the ‘Winchester position,’ handspanking, the cane on her pj’s, then bottoms down for a dozen on the bare. Kicking bare feet.

‘Refusing to Speak-leads to a hot striped bottom’; the same Head Girl disciplines another exquisitely young-looking student over a desk; a dozen very hard with a cane.

‘Spanked-Cami Caught Drinking Beer’- an older teacher spanks little Cami (Kami) on her white knickers.

‘Bad Day at the Manor’- MOONGLOW regular ‘Tom Cooper’; Cooper spanks a student in her nightgown–she’s got no panties underneath. The next day he spanks the accusing teacher, and then later a student or employee who was caught in the kitchen with her knickers down, doing what? he wants to know.

‘Shoplifter Caned’- a posture worth a moment to describe; a spreader bar rests across a girl’s shoulders like a bar bell. Her wrists are cuffed and fastened to chains which hang down, like a shoulder yoke for carrying water buckets. She bends over at the waist and takes 6 cane strokes on her jeans. Not functional restraint, but erotic and novel.

‘Pot-Smoking Waitress’ – an older actress (by schoolgirl comparison), the actress ‘Sandra,’ we think, in a satin uniform, gets the cane from Tom Cooper, and in ‘Caught in Bed,’ Cooper canes a student and a maid for being caught in bed together.

‘Cruickshank Caned’ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) This segment and the two which follow may come from another film. catalogue C46. We add them here for simplicity. A prefect wakes up Emma Brown, delicious in bed. The prefect reports her to (Peter Carruthers /Tom  Cooper). Emma is brought to him and she is quickly over a spanking trestle and caned on her white knickers.

The female prefect pulls down her knickers. After this caning, of course the male turns on the snitches, this prefect and another.   Both are caned.

‘Swimming Pool A Tip’ (M/f; time: 13 minutes) Emma  Brown again, with  the same two girls as above. They are spanked in a laundry room by a faceless male.

‘Swimming Pool Incident’ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) Emma Brown is spanked again, this time in a hot red bikini. Each of the same three girls is caned, on their bikini bottoms after they drop their wraps.

Late on Arrival – CALSTAR

23 Mar

MF/2f; year: 1993; time: 46 minutes

An American film we were forewarned about when the title was spelled ‘Late on Arivel.’

The set is nothing more than a black-out background flat scene of two director’s chairs and the actors. It seems that the actress ‘Angela Faith’ plays a photographer awaiting the arrival of a female model, who is quite late. ‘Natasha’ blows in, wearing a short, skin-tight dress.

After some scolding and arguing, Angela will spank Natasha. The acting is frightful. Bend-over, tight dress up, handspanking on a thonged mostly bare bottom. They try to continue the spanking OTK on the folding canvas director’s chair, but the high arms interfere with the OTK position, preventing effective swings. There is a lot of fondling, undulating, and lesbian play. This clearly is not punishment alone.

After a fade, the roles are switched–Natasha is spanking Angela. She strips to just garters and stockings. After an interval, the actor ‘Anthony Lawton’ comes onto the scene. We weren’t sufficiently interested to drill down on the dialogue to find out why. First, he creams Angela’s bottom, then spanks both girls. Then he creams them both.

That is about all there is to this waste of 46 minutes. No frontals, no boobs, and certainly no one’s feelings were hurt.


23 Mar

MF/2f; TIME: 52 Minutes

Another of the minor series about ‘James’ and ‘Tara’ at their manor, and their bevy of maids.

‘Denise’ the maid spills wine on ‘Sir’ James, which is all the provocation Lady Tara needs to take the hapless girl OTK and begin spanking her immediately, at the table. Crinoline maid skirt up, thong on display, a mild handspanking. Denise gets a long scolding before her thong is peeled down. Kneel on a chair for a paddle–mild but sexy.

James orders the punishment to stop. (Tara probably knows he’s started his hard-on). “Tara, that will do, come here!” While Denise’s bottom remains bare, high, on-screen, James will spank Tara.

Tara down with her panties; Denise is sent for a first-class razor strop. Tara tries to dodge the strap and feigns anger, showing us what she’s got.

James leaves her–Tara turns on Denise with the strap. James returns and now he will spank both of them, having them strip down to the fetish level of bra and garter belt. Mild canings, we didn’t count.

The melee continues; Tara canes Denise, who takes off her bra. James canes Denise and Tara again, he is making out all around. He must be finally ready, because he and Tara head upstairs.

Secretary -Moonglow Style – MOONGLOW

19 Mar

M/3f; YEAR:2003; time: 49 minutes

Moonglow’s version of the James Spader/Maggie Gyllenhaal 2002 film; CP film producers have had more flexibility to graphically depict the submissive scenes and properly flesh out our office fantasies.

Actress ‘Monica’ plays a secretary, typing furiously while lolling at her desk on the faux-wood panel set so familiar in Moonglow films. Her boss, the late actor ‘Tom Cooper,’ presents some work of hers, rife with error. Apparently spankings are meted out swiftly in this office. Even though Monica complains, “But this is my last day,” Cooper will take this opportunity for one more shot at a bottom he must know well. “Assume the position. You know it.”

Over her desk, skirt up, full white panties. Cooper spanks moderately hard, and tugs down the panties, despite her whining. A second blonde, the Moonglow actress ‘Gina Moon,’ as ‘Jenny,’ observes in shock. It is her first day on the job and we’re guessing that these office procedures weren’t exactly made clear to her in the hiring process. Cooper shifts to his wide doubled leather paddle and cane, having a time of it. “Here you are, back again.” He invites Jenny to step forward and closely examine the results on Monica’s bottom.

Cut to another spanking scene, on the faux-brick set which looks like a patio or porch. Cooper is spanking a third girl, “Geraldine,” over a trestle, suggesting that in this office your boss can take you outside, maybe on break, and give you a spanking. He spanks on her knickers, first by hand then with his paddle and cane. Jenny is escorted onto this scene, also by another familiar Moonglow ageplay stockholder/actor, ‘Mr. Smithers,’ to get a closeup of this, another spanking in the office.

‘Friday Evening’: Jenny, home alone now, was intrigued by the office spankings she observed, gives herself a hairbrush spanking in front of a full length mirror, then takes off a naughty little latex dress, and masturbates wearing just minimal panties. A lithe and trim little body, promise of things to come at the office.

‘Monday Morning’: First day of full work, Jenny is quickly in an argument with a customer on the phone; the incident gets reported to Smithers, who confronts her, with the complaint and with her first sheet of typos, In just a few hours, she has earned her first spanking. “At one o’clock you will be bent over this desk.”

At One, she is bent over, waiting, having put on a naughty little leather skirt to enhance the experience. “Take it off,” demands Smithers, who spanks her on her transparent panties and pulls them down, then goes to get his paddle and cane.

Jenny must remove her blouse. Panties gone, in just a bra, she sports a sweet little Mohawk which might have taken a committee to get so perfect. He takes off her bra. “Hands away, turn around.”

She kneels naked over the back of her office chair, made to stare at her computer screen or hold the phone, the offending instruments, while her bottom gets the attention of a paddle. All this, naked on the first day on the job, actually only halfway through the first day.

Bend-over the desk for the cane. Smithers teases with its tip. After one hour of these punishments, she will finish the workday, naked at her desk. Will she do any filing? Will she sign for any packages?

Private Lessons at St. David’s – CALSTAR

19 Mar

MF/2f; time: 44 minutes

More spankings at St. David’s Boarding School for Girls– a few films on this subject from CALSTAR, where lecherous adult actor ‘Jack Uppitt’ plays a headmaster or a master, spanking his way through the student population.

In the opening scene, he confronts ‘Curtis’ again, a short haired athletic blonde who he thoroughly spanked in ‘St David’s-New Term.’ Curtis missed curfew and was out all night; Uppitt keeps up his usual banter, a delaying tactic so there won’t be too much punishment in these films–he has her parents’ permission. “You know what happens.”

Skirt up, regulation knickers; OTK, he pulls the pants down. The camera zooms on her shaved pussy. Curtis stands and removes her skirt. More OTK. “Stop sniveling.” She stands again, Uppitt makes her raise her shirt and twirl. He focuses on her privates, as he always does. She plays along.

Uppitt shows her naked pictures he found of her; they will be his blackmail. “That’s how you like to be? Get your shirt off.” She is naked–a tight athletic body. “Hands on your head. Legs apart!” He bends her over a school desk for a slipper and an embossed leather paddle. Fairly hard.

Cut to a scene of Headmistress ‘Miss Foster,’ also from the St. David’s series. Cute little ponytailed blond ‘Rebecca’ knocks and enters. She is here for Foster to “discuss your future,” and she knows what that means.

“We’ll have to have a private session. Just you and me.” “I’ll do anything you say, just don’t call my parents.” You can suspect from the tone that Rebecca knows what’s in store.

OTK, regulation panties, soon down. A muscular perfect bottom for a CP film, rippling high on Foster’s lap. Foster clearly loves spanking and is soon tracing a finger between Rebecca’s legs. Rebecca obligingly spreads her thighs and Foster detects some arousal. “You’re going to please me, aren’t you?” says the Head.

The film cuts back to Uppitt, at work on the naked Curtis, in another part of the building. “You’ve had the cane before, haven’t you?” He begins caning, not before the camera zooms between her thighs. Four strokes here, not hard.

Cut back to Rebecca and Foster; hands on her head. “Take your skirt off…slowly…slowly.” The black CalStar paddle and the floppy paddle. Rebecca takes off the rest of her clothes–another tight and plausible adolescent body, and the same wild tattoos as Curtis, ones girls get spanked for in other films.

Rebecca and the cane. Hands on a stool, 15 strokes, then she is sent to report to the Headmistress’ bedroom.

Return to Curtis. Six more strokes–Uppitt splits the cane. “You must have a tough bottom.” 8 more strokes, more scolding, zoom on her bottom, then Uppitt chases her off, naked.

Beaten by the Bailiff – CALSTAR

18 Mar

M/f; time: 23 minutes

A delightful episode from CALSTAR; a plot we’ve seen a few times–a government ‘official’ extracts a spanking from a young lady who can’t pay her bills. CALSTAR’s ‘Community Charge Caning’ is another, and on our recommended list.

Nifty little brunette ‘Miss Smith’ receives a caller, a man “from the bailiff’s office.” She owes someone 50 pds, and he will help himself to her possessions in that amount. She has no money and whispers she might offer “something else.”

“Let’s see your ass.” With a twinkle in her eye Smith hikes the skirt of her two-piece avocado suit to show black panties. Quickly the bailiff wrestles her OTK on her bed, her panties down immediately and discarded.

Her long spanking includes a continuous sexy struggle, as she writhes and tries to cover up. Her little trim bottom is a moving target. She shows her pussy off and on in various twisting poses.

The bailiff must go to his car “to get something to give you a final reminder to pay your bills.” While he is away, Smith creams her bruised bottom in another long interval.

He returns with a cane and a strap. “Take your clothes off…all of them.” Smith removes her suit in an undulating tease. She does not wear a bra and her panties are already on the floor. Very nice part of the film for us.

The bailiff will first use a strap; she lies on her bed and rolls around in various positions, even onto the floor. The bailiff smacks at the moving target as best he can, catching all sorts of places.

“Now the cane, thirty strokes…no whinging… can you count?”
Smith’s struggle here realistically appears like this caning is more than she expected. She gasps, laughing nervously and crying. She jumps around for the last ten strokes, some of which are very much harder and a surprise. “Bend over, unless you want it across the tits.” Wild stripes angled all over her bottom and thighs. Some skin pops.

The bailiff leaves. Smith writhes nude on her bed, closeups of her bottom.

Hard Cracks of the Double Cane – CALSTAR

16 Mar

F/2f; year: 2009; time: 51 minutes

We continue our review of what many consider ‘vintage’ CP films. Two girls, ‘Baxter’ and ‘Prentiss,’ are seen helping themselves to vegetables from someone else’s garden. (We have always wondered the genesis of these British bottoms. Is it vegetables?) An older student or teacher, the actress ‘Dublin O’Brien,’ catches them and marches them back to school and into that narrow paneled space CalStar used for a number of good spanking films. The buxom Ms. O’Brien wears the same outfit she wore in CalStar’s ‘Double Trouble.’ You can fantasize the four models who were spanked in these films arriving at the studio and preparing for their shoots.

“You’ve been warned about this truancy,” scolds Dublin, who at this point in her career had moved from the most delightful Bottom to a theatrically menacing Top. This goes on our favorite-films list. “We’ll start with you, Baxter.” “Please, no.” “So you won’t get expelled, we have another punishment.”

Dublin begins spanking the short and compact little blond Baxter OTK. Loud, hard, fast on regulation white knickers. The confined paneled space of the set produces reverberations, an enhancement to any spanking. Dublin jerks the panties down.

Prentiss OTK for the same. “These aren’t regulation….should be white.” She makes Prentiss stand and pull her own panties down. O’Brien has developed into a very robust spanker as her film career has advanced. Baxter returns for more OTK before we move to the next phase.

Both girls now take turns bending over the desk for the CalStar
black paddle on bare skin.

Prentiss next–“Pants down, skirt up,” for the palm flogger, 15 for her, then 30 for Baxter, very hard. “You’ve been here before. You know these have to come down.”

Both girls then get a session with the floppy short strap and are eager to pull their panties back up, hoping to avoid what usually comes next.

“Baxter…take it off..all of it…leave your bra and panties on.” She bends over again, for the floppy paddle, but quickly. “These can come down.” Paddle and strap. She is then sent to get the cane. “Oh no, miss.”

Prentiss will be caned first; bent over, panties down. “I want complete silence.” Nine strokes of the cane, then a dozen with the nasty double cane. The ‘double cane,’ two rattan sticks fastened together like a tuning fork, produces instant stripes, unlike the straight cane. Dublin uses it more in moderation. It must pinch occasionally as it snaps–ever been a bit careless with your fingers when using wire cutters? The girls definitely don’t like this double cane. The nasty results it produces explains why we don’t see it more around the CP film genre. “Panties up!”

“Baxter…now! Remove your panties, now…over!” Dublin starts with the straight cane, about 10 strokes. Facials too–Baxter is brave. “Spread them,” Dublin likes to say. Baxter has been trying to stand, so Dublin allows her a rub, then she gets another eight strokes. Dublin pays almost surgical attention to her work.

She shifts to the double cane. “Please, not that one, please.” Dublin lays on 10 very hard strokes, even harder than the straight cane. Stripes appear from the first stroke. “I know you won’t do it (steal vegetables) again after this caning.” Dublin pauses at seven strokes to allow Baxter a rub; she throws Dublin a beseeching glance which we’d like to think wasn’t scripted. You can occasionally hear the cane sticks snap together.

When Dublin is finished she advises spectator Prentiss to find new friends because “this one is in here a lot.” She makes the girls drop their panties again and feel each other’s welts, then the two girls lie over the desk for the traditional bare-bottom comparison.