4 Mar

MF/3f; time: 56 minutes

We’re not sure of the production company here. Master of the manor ‘James’ lies sick in bed; his maids won’t answer hs bell summonses. The girls, ‘Prudence’ and ‘Gertrude’ lounge below-stairs, drinking his champagne.

The lady of the house, ‘Tara,’ catches them and will punish them immediately. She spanks both girls OTK on their knickers, then sends Prudence to get “the heavy black strap.” The girls are familiar with it and none too happy. Tara takes off her jacket to expose a scandalous low-cut dress and no bra.

After each girl bends over a stool for the strap, Tara shifts to the cane. Prudence first. “Panties down.” Seven moderate strokes at the stool, then seven more touching toes. The girls know this hurts more.

To Gertrude: “Take your panties down.” 10 strokes. Two bottoms on-screen for some rubbing.

Three days later, James enters the scene and wants to see how Tara did with the two bottoms. Of course he is not satisfied, even though time fades marks. He will spank, strap, then cane both maids. His wife interrupts the proceedings; the girls have had enough. She sends them off.

James is appropriately infuriated. “Tara, to the Study, now!” After a scolding she will get her spanking, in front of the two maids, who are repositioned for the best view of her bottom. OTK, and a bare bottom strapping. Prudence fetches the cane. About a dozen very hard strokes,. filmed from a low angle. “I think you are a sadistic bastard, James.”

Tara tries to escape, and so earns 10 more strokes, touching toes. When James doesn’t like the tone of her apology, she gets two more short sets.

She finally leaves the room, maybe with a twinkle in her eyes more than tears.

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