Headmistress’s Study #2

9 Mar

F/2f; time:51 minutes

A familiar Irish Domme, who has spanked in numerous CalStar films, plays a headmistress who will deal with two girls, in the small paneled space the studio used so effectively–well-lit, easy to get the good angles, good acoustics.

Student ‘Morrison’ is called in first. She is a short auburn-haired girl in full uniform. The Head’s ‘snitch’ has reported her downtown at a piercing parlor. “I’m going to check you, you know, your whole body.” When the Head threatens to contact Morrison’s parents, the girl becomes putty.

The Head actually feels Morrison’s pussy through her skirt, then has her raise her skirt and drop her panties. Sure enough, a jewelry ring on her shaved vagina lips. Time for the punishment.

Morrison takes off her tie and blouse, no bra, nice adolescent boobs. OTK she goes, her little black slit skirt still on. The Head finds a large tattoo at the base of her bare back. After some spanking, the Head rucks up the skirt. “Let’s see how this bottom is coming along….spread your legs a bit.”

The Head has Morrison stand against the wall and remove her skirt so that she is naked. A navel ring is discovered. Arms over her head, a delightful thin little body, every freckle on-screen.

Morrison bends over the desk for the black paddle, after a little protest when she sees it. The Head can hardly disguise the fun she is having with her nude student. Sniffles.

“Something a bit stronger, I think.” The short floppy CalStar strap. Gasps. The Head picks up the cane. “Oh please, not the cane, not for just piercings.” Over 20 strokes are shown, delivered slowly, sniffles, facials, repeats. “Your bottom is coming along very nicely…spread those legs.”

Morrison’s punishment is complete. She is sent to have the piercings removed, but not before another closeup bottom check from the Head. After the girl is gone, the Head smiles in satisfaction, “a good day’s work.”

“Morgan, you can come in now!” This blond student is the Head’s snitch, and potential ‘Head Girl,’ apparently waiting outside. The Head has found a reason to be dissatisfied with Morgan, who probably does not have much leverage to argue. For drinking and tattoos, she agrees to accept the same punishment “as the other girls.”

After she shows a tattoo on her thigh, Morgan goes OTK, skirt up, maroon satin panties soon down. After the warm up spanking, she stands and removes her skirt, tie, blouse, and bra. The Head twirls her naked, looking for tattoos and generally having a gander.

Morgan bends over the desk for the same sequence of paddle, strap and cane. The caning is shorter. Quivering, wheals, facials, perfect filming of this simple sequence–bottom always centered. Zoom in on the results. “You took it very well.”

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