Hard Cracks of the Double Cane – CALSTAR

16 Mar

F/2f; year: 2009; time: 51 minutes

We continue our review of what many consider ‘vintage’ CP films. Two girls, ‘Baxter’ and ‘Prentiss,’ are seen helping themselves to vegetables from someone else’s garden. (We have always wondered the genesis of these British bottoms. Is it vegetables?) An older student or teacher, the actress ‘Dublin O’Brien,’ catches them and marches them back to school and into that narrow paneled space CalStar used for a number of good spanking films. The buxom Ms. O’Brien wears the same outfit she wore in CalStar’s ‘Double Trouble.’ You can fantasize the four models who were spanked in these films arriving at the studio and preparing for their shoots.

“You’ve been warned about this truancy,” scolds Dublin, who at this point in her career had moved from the most delightful Bottom to a theatrically menacing Top. This goes on our favorite-films list. “We’ll start with you, Baxter.” “Please, no.” “So you won’t get expelled, we have another punishment.”

Dublin begins spanking the short and compact little blond Baxter OTK. Loud, hard, fast on regulation white knickers. The confined paneled space of the set produces reverberations, an enhancement to any spanking. Dublin jerks the panties down.

Prentiss OTK for the same. “These aren’t regulation….should be white.” She makes Prentiss stand and pull her own panties down. O’Brien has developed into a very robust spanker as her film career has advanced. Baxter returns for more OTK before we move to the next phase.

Both girls now take turns bending over the desk for the CalStar
black paddle on bare skin.

Prentiss next–“Pants down, skirt up,” for the palm flogger, 15 for her, then 30 for Baxter, very hard. “You’ve been here before. You know these have to come down.”

Both girls then get a session with the floppy short strap and are eager to pull their panties back up, hoping to avoid what usually comes next.

“Baxter…take it off..all of it…leave your bra and panties on.” She bends over again, for the floppy paddle, but quickly. “These can come down.” Paddle and strap. She is then sent to get the cane. “Oh no, miss.”

Prentiss will be caned first; bent over, panties down. “I want complete silence.” Nine strokes of the cane, then a dozen with the nasty double cane. The ‘double cane,’ two rattan sticks fastened together like a tuning fork, produces instant stripes, unlike the straight cane. Dublin uses it more in moderation. It must pinch occasionally as it snaps–ever been a bit careless with your fingers when using wire cutters? The girls definitely don’t like this double cane. The nasty results it produces explains why we don’t see it more around the CP film genre. “Panties up!”

“Baxter…now! Remove your panties, now…over!” Dublin starts with the straight cane, about 10 strokes. Facials too–Baxter is brave. “Spread them,” Dublin likes to say. Baxter has been trying to stand, so Dublin allows her a rub, then she gets another eight strokes. Dublin pays almost surgical attention to her work.

She shifts to the double cane. “Please, not that one, please.” Dublin lays on 10 very hard strokes, even harder than the straight cane. Stripes appear from the first stroke. “I know you won’t do it (steal vegetables) again after this caning.” Dublin pauses at seven strokes to allow Baxter a rub; she throws Dublin a beseeching glance which we’d like to think wasn’t scripted. You can occasionally hear the cane sticks snap together.

When Dublin is finished she advises spectator Prentiss to find new friends because “this one is in here a lot.” She makes the girls drop their panties again and feel each other’s welts, then the two girls lie over the desk for the traditional bare-bottom comparison.

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