The Taming of the Tease – STRICTLYENGLISH

16 Mar

M/f; time: 54 minutes; year: 2001

A prime example of Strictly English’s contribution to consentual spanking; a good film to watch with a friend at the fireplace before heading for bed, if you can get that far.

A very attractive brunette, a young Elizabeth Taylor or Audrey Hepburn-type, and a nice catch for the casting department, arrives at a guy’s house, and the love-making begins in the foyer. The twist is that here, as they kiss, the guy gets his hands into the back of the girl’s white satin panties, lest there be any confusion as to what is in store for her.

They caress up the stairs, panty shots, into the bedroom, where the action will remain.

The action need not be described in detail; there is almost no dialogue (there need not be); the guy will slowly get the girl’s clothes off until she is naked; he caresses and teases, mostly her bottom, but everywhere, and spanks her moderately in numerous undulating positions, front and back, with paddles, straps, a wisk-broom bunch of birches, and a cane.

She works at his belt and the zipper of his pants, but that is as far as we get. It is difficult to imagine, that even though this is acting, the guy could have avoided a massive erection.

After 36 minutes of exquisite video torture–spanking, fondling, frigging, she dresses and leaves, displaying mild stripes on her bottom and thighs.

The film concludes with 17 minutes of slow-motion scene repeats.

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