Beaten by the Bailiff – CALSTAR

18 Mar

M/f; time: 23 minutes

A delightful episode from CALSTAR; a plot we’ve seen a few times–a government ‘official’ extracts a spanking from a young lady who can’t pay her bills. CALSTAR’s ‘Community Charge Caning’ is another, and on our recommended list.

Nifty little brunette ‘Miss Smith’ receives a caller, a man “from the bailiff’s office.” She owes someone 50 pds, and he will help himself to her possessions in that amount. She has no money and whispers she might offer “something else.”

“Let’s see your ass.” With a twinkle in her eye Smith hikes the skirt of her two-piece avocado suit to show black panties. Quickly the bailiff wrestles her OTK on her bed, her panties down immediately and discarded.

Her long spanking includes a continuous sexy struggle, as she writhes and tries to cover up. Her little trim bottom is a moving target. She shows her pussy off and on in various twisting poses.

The bailiff must go to his car “to get something to give you a final reminder to pay your bills.” While he is away, Smith creams her bruised bottom in another long interval.

He returns with a cane and a strap. “Take your clothes off…all of them.” Smith removes her suit in an undulating tease. She does not wear a bra and her panties are already on the floor. Very nice part of the film for us.

The bailiff will first use a strap; she lies on her bed and rolls around in various positions, even onto the floor. The bailiff smacks at the moving target as best he can, catching all sorts of places.

“Now the cane, thirty strokes…no whinging… can you count?”
Smith’s struggle here realistically appears like this caning is more than she expected. She gasps, laughing nervously and crying. She jumps around for the last ten strokes, some of which are very much harder and a surprise. “Bend over, unless you want it across the tits.” Wild stripes angled all over her bottom and thighs. Some skin pops.

The bailiff leaves. Smith writhes nude on her bed, closeups of her bottom.

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