Private Lessons at St. David’s – CALSTAR

19 Mar

MF/2f; time: 44 minutes

More spankings at St. David’s Boarding School for Girls– a few films on this subject from CALSTAR, where lecherous adult actor ‘Jack Uppitt’ plays a headmaster or a master, spanking his way through the student population.

In the opening scene, he confronts ‘Curtis’ again, a short haired athletic blonde who he thoroughly spanked in ‘St David’s-New Term.’ Curtis missed curfew and was out all night; Uppitt keeps up his usual banter, a delaying tactic so there won’t be too much punishment in these films–he has her parents’ permission. “You know what happens.”

Skirt up, regulation knickers; OTK, he pulls the pants down. The camera zooms on her shaved pussy. Curtis stands and removes her skirt. More OTK. “Stop sniveling.” She stands again, Uppitt makes her raise her shirt and twirl. He focuses on her privates, as he always does. She plays along.

Uppitt shows her naked pictures he found of her; they will be his blackmail. “That’s how you like to be? Get your shirt off.” She is naked–a tight athletic body. “Hands on your head. Legs apart!” He bends her over a school desk for a slipper and an embossed leather paddle. Fairly hard.

Cut to a scene of Headmistress ‘Miss Foster,’ also from the St. David’s series. Cute little ponytailed blond ‘Rebecca’ knocks and enters. She is here for Foster to “discuss your future,” and she knows what that means.

“We’ll have to have a private session. Just you and me.” “I’ll do anything you say, just don’t call my parents.” You can suspect from the tone that Rebecca knows what’s in store.

OTK, regulation panties, soon down. A muscular perfect bottom for a CP film, rippling high on Foster’s lap. Foster clearly loves spanking and is soon tracing a finger between Rebecca’s legs. Rebecca obligingly spreads her thighs and Foster detects some arousal. “You’re going to please me, aren’t you?” says the Head.

The film cuts back to Uppitt, at work on the naked Curtis, in another part of the building. “You’ve had the cane before, haven’t you?” He begins caning, not before the camera zooms between her thighs. Four strokes here, not hard.

Cut back to Rebecca and Foster; hands on her head. “Take your skirt off…slowly…slowly.” The black CalStar paddle and the floppy paddle. Rebecca takes off the rest of her clothes–another tight and plausible adolescent body, and the same wild tattoos as Curtis, ones girls get spanked for in other films.

Rebecca and the cane. Hands on a stool, 15 strokes, then she is sent to report to the Headmistress’ bedroom.

Return to Curtis. Six more strokes–Uppitt splits the cane. “You must have a tough bottom.” 8 more strokes, more scolding, zoom on her bottom, then Uppitt chases her off, naked.

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