Secretary -Moonglow Style – MOONGLOW

19 Mar

M/3f; YEAR:2003; time: 49 minutes

Moonglow’s version of the James Spader/Maggie Gyllenhaal 2002 film; CP film producers have had more flexibility to graphically depict the submissive scenes and properly flesh out our office fantasies.

Actress ‘Monica’ plays a secretary, typing furiously while lolling at her desk on the faux-wood panel set so familiar in Moonglow films. Her boss, the late actor ‘Tom Cooper,’ presents some work of hers, rife with error. Apparently spankings are meted out swiftly in this office. Even though Monica complains, “But this is my last day,” Cooper will take this opportunity for one more shot at a bottom he must know well. “Assume the position. You know it.”

Over her desk, skirt up, full white panties. Cooper spanks moderately hard, and tugs down the panties, despite her whining. A second blonde, the Moonglow actress ‘Gina Moon,’ as ‘Jenny,’ observes in shock. It is her first day on the job and we’re guessing that these office procedures weren’t exactly made clear to her in the hiring process. Cooper shifts to his wide doubled leather paddle and cane, having a time of it. “Here you are, back again.” He invites Jenny to step forward and closely examine the results on Monica’s bottom.

Cut to another spanking scene, on the faux-brick set which looks like a patio or porch. Cooper is spanking a third girl, “Geraldine,” over a trestle, suggesting that in this office your boss can take you outside, maybe on break, and give you a spanking. He spanks on her knickers, first by hand then with his paddle and cane. Jenny is escorted onto this scene, also by another familiar Moonglow ageplay stockholder/actor, ‘Mr. Smithers,’ to get a closeup of this, another spanking in the office.

‘Friday Evening’: Jenny, home alone now, was intrigued by the office spankings she observed, gives herself a hairbrush spanking in front of a full length mirror, then takes off a naughty little latex dress, and masturbates wearing just minimal panties. A lithe and trim little body, promise of things to come at the office.

‘Monday Morning’: First day of full work, Jenny is quickly in an argument with a customer on the phone; the incident gets reported to Smithers, who confronts her, with the complaint and with her first sheet of typos, In just a few hours, she has earned her first spanking. “At one o’clock you will be bent over this desk.”

At One, she is bent over, waiting, having put on a naughty little leather skirt to enhance the experience. “Take it off,” demands Smithers, who spanks her on her transparent panties and pulls them down, then goes to get his paddle and cane.

Jenny must remove her blouse. Panties gone, in just a bra, she sports a sweet little Mohawk which might have taken a committee to get so perfect. He takes off her bra. “Hands away, turn around.”

She kneels naked over the back of her office chair, made to stare at her computer screen or hold the phone, the offending instruments, while her bottom gets the attention of a paddle. All this, naked on the first day on the job, actually only halfway through the first day.

Bend-over the desk for the cane. Smithers teases with its tip. After one hour of these punishments, she will finish the workday, naked at her desk. Will she do any filing? Will she sign for any packages?

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