Late on Arrival – CALSTAR

23 Mar

MF/2f; year: 1993; time: 46 minutes

An American film we were forewarned about when the title was spelled ‘Late on Arivel.’

The set is nothing more than a black-out background flat scene of two director’s chairs and the actors. It seems that the actress ‘Angela Faith’ plays a photographer awaiting the arrival of a female model, who is quite late. ‘Natasha’ blows in, wearing a short, skin-tight dress.

After some scolding and arguing, Angela will spank Natasha. The acting is frightful. Bend-over, tight dress up, handspanking on a thonged mostly bare bottom. They try to continue the spanking OTK on the folding canvas director’s chair, but the high arms interfere with the OTK position, preventing effective swings. There is a lot of fondling, undulating, and lesbian play. This clearly is not punishment alone.

After a fade, the roles are switched–Natasha is spanking Angela. She strips to just garters and stockings. After an interval, the actor ‘Anthony Lawton’ comes onto the scene. We weren’t sufficiently interested to drill down on the dialogue to find out why. First, he creams Angela’s bottom, then spanks both girls. Then he creams them both.

That is about all there is to this waste of 46 minutes. No frontals, no boobs, and certainly no one’s feelings were hurt.

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