23 Mar

MF/2f; TIME: 52 Minutes

Another of the minor series about ‘James’ and ‘Tara’ at their manor, and their bevy of maids.

‘Denise’ the maid spills wine on ‘Sir’ James, which is all the provocation Lady Tara needs to take the hapless girl OTK and begin spanking her immediately, at the table. Crinoline maid skirt up, thong on display, a mild handspanking. Denise gets a long scolding before her thong is peeled down. Kneel on a chair for a paddle–mild but sexy.

James orders the punishment to stop. (Tara probably knows he’s started his hard-on). “Tara, that will do, come here!” While Denise’s bottom remains bare, high, on-screen, James will spank Tara.

Tara down with her panties; Denise is sent for a first-class razor strop. Tara tries to dodge the strap and feigns anger, showing us what she’s got.

James leaves her–Tara turns on Denise with the strap. James returns and now he will spank both of them, having them strip down to the fetish level of bra and garter belt. Mild canings, we didn’t count.

The melee continues; Tara canes Denise, who takes off her bra. James canes Denise and Tara again, he is making out all around. He must be finally ready, because he and Tara head upstairs.

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