27 Mar


Part 2 begins with spankings underway (a base-skin start from Part 1); a thin blonde, the ‘babysitter,’ is spanking a curly-haired blonde, daughter ‘Marilyn,’ who is wearing just panties. The blonde kisses Marilyn’s bottom–this is more than a spanking, when ‘Daddy’ interrupts. “I don’t know what came over me,” sputters the babysitter.

“Where’s Nicky”? asks Daddy, and in walks the actress ‘Nicky Montford,’ herself in just panties. A lot is going on in this household, both daughters in little knickers, which may be explained in part 1.

Father takes daughter Marilyn OTK and continues–handspanking, strap, and slipper. He then canes her–tap-tap, in this OTK posture. Next, father spanks the babysitter. No one is much disturbed by anything here. A lot of squeezing, fondling, rubbing. The babysitter drops her white dress, and is not wearing a bra, only lacy white panties.

The babysitter stands to discard her panties, making sure we see it all. Bend-over for a strap–she’s got a pussy ring. She keeps smiling through it all, even when her employer slaps the front of her thighs with a sole. He even uses a martinet between her legs. Then cane taps, some mild birching, and cream for her bottom.

Daughters Nicky and Marilyn return in their two-piece pajamas. The father and the babysitter (who is still naked), spank them together OTK; pj’s bottoms dropped, tops off, three nude girls on the screen. Pretty confusing all in all, but everyone must have gotten their rocks off.

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