Caning International – CALSTAR

27 Mar

F/2f; time: 52 minutes

Two self-contained stories on the same theme; actress ‘Stephanie’ plays the role of a supervisor/disciplinarian, charged with punishing female missionaries who have broken the rules. An interesting plot–there might be a steady stream of work for her.

Part 1, 29 minutes; this simple film is well-made, good sound and lighting, decent acting, and surprising care to set design, and, as whenever the dominatrix Stephanie is on the scene, crisp and sizzling spanking. We’ve wondered before–do the models have a feeling of dread when they see Stephanie on the cast list?

Blond ‘Mary’ reports to Stephanie. She’s been detected “fornicating” with a tribal “prince.” (There is reasonably good African art on display in Stephanie’s office.) Mary is not exactly an African violet, wearing a tight orange two piece outfit with a bare midriff, not the image of a “westerner” Stephanie thinks she should be. “You know what the punishment is in this place…I’m going to wipe that smile off your face.”

OTK, orange skirt up, appropriate leopard-print panties, which Stephanie soon tugs down. Another long and hard handspanking from her, including effective over-the-shoulder shots. Red blotching, no fakery here. Mary is sent to the brick corner. “Remove your clothing…I have further punishment for you, chastisement with instruments from the prince himself.” Mary takes off her top, bra, and panties and clatters about on the hardwood floor in just her platform heels. The actress can’t help checking with the film crew, all of them, to see if they like her naked. We do.

Mary shrinks back a bit when she sees the paddles and cane. She kneels on the striped straight chair always used on this set for the black paddle, then bends over a table for a stiff spanker. Stephanie really does spank as hard as you will see at CALSTAR, in the league with ‘Miss Brown’ or ‘Miss Chambers.’ Mary needs to rub–frontals.

“Touch your toes” for the cane. Mary struggles to bend over that far. She takes about 20 strokes–the ferocity appears a surprise to her. Sniffles, quivering. “Have you learnt your lesson?” Her banged-up bottom shows a pattern of welts reflecting the shape of each of the implements used.

Part 2 involves another ‘missionary,’ ‘Marnie,’ who has apparently been exchanging personal favors for extra rations and liquor. She is not going to give up the name of the man servicing her, so Stephanie will go to work.

“You know the procedure, Marnie.” OTK, skirt up, black panties. The same hard spanking, high swings, panties down. Marnie stands–she must now strip also. Skirt and blouse off, bra off, “knickers too.” Black fuzz. Hands-on-head, very submissive and helpless. Hands-on-chair. “Stick your bottom out.” The black paddle and a hard round stiffened leather paddle. This spanking elicits quivering and dripping tears.

The caning–about 18 strokes. It appears the model broke down and the session was truncated. Marnie must return tomorrow, wither with the name of the man or more spanking.

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