Lady Vernon Strikes Again -CALSTAR

27 Mar

F/2f; year: 2002; time: 54 minutes

We continue our reviews of vintage CP films, available on many pay-per-view sites. The dominatrix ‘Stephanie’ in one of three ‘Lady Vernon’ films we have seen, distributed by CALSTAR. The actress spanks very hard in all her films, and speaks in the low breathy tones of the classic CP dommes. Here she plays a disciplinarian-for-hire.

Female police officer ‘WPC Hamilton’ calls Lady Vernon and asks if she will deal with a particularly recalcitrant miscreant she has on her hands, blond “Justine.’ Lady Vernon arranges a time, and asks that the girl be brought to her “out-house,” because she has guests in the manor. She will step away for a few minutes to attend to the matter. “Who’s this Lady Vernon?” “You’ll find out.”

Lady Vernon ushers them into the bricked-lined room CALSTAR has used in a number of films, ‘Luncheon Lashes,’ ‘Monastery of Misery,’ and ‘Caning International,’ three favorites which come to mind. The hard walls clatteringly reverberate the spankings. Lady Vernon goes to the main house and returns with an armload of spanking implements, which she could have done before, but this is more theatrical. The smirk on Justine’s face when she sees the instruments suggests she has now figured out just what this Vernon does. “This is your last resort,” explains officer Hamilton.

Vernon takes Justine OTK. Hamilton will hold her down. About six minutes of heavy hard handspanking, skirt up, thong down. Justine struggles as the intensity mounts. She is forced over the back of the couch by the two women, for two straps. A fully red bottom is achieved and quivering begins.

“And you, Justine, will now strip…now!” A tight, neat little body, a few tattoos, some peach fuzz. Hands-on-couch for the cane. 30 hard strokes from Vernon–the actress loves doing it. Probably repeats, nipples harden, a very visible quivering. This concluded Justine’s punishment. Vernon addresses Hamilton: “Wait for me. I’ll be back in a moment.”

Lady Vernon returns to the main house, calls the police to report completion of the assignment and is angered to learn the spanking was not approved and that she will not be paid for it. But she does make an arrangement concerning WPC Hamilton, who exceeded her authority.

She returns and tells Hamilton “Your directions were out of bounds.” “I am going to deal with you exactly in the same fashion.” Even though WPC Hamilton protests there was nothing else which could be done with Justine, she is still going to get her own dose. “Your superiors have instructed me to do this.”

OTK, skirt up, thong down. “It’s humiliating.” Of course. Hamilton manages to keep her little police cap perched as the spanking progresses. she is a tall and thin redhead, with granny glasses. Hands on the couch for the paddle and strap.

Now it is her turn to strip naked. A tiny wisp of mohawk. The actress excels at being nude. She bends over for the cane, also 30 strokes–very entertaining as she jumps and surges between them, struggling to return to position. Very much like Justine, her bottom is a glorious striped sight at the conclusion. Slow dressing, a long nude scene.

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